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2019 Atlanta AHR EXPO

2019 Atlanta AHR EXPO


After came back from 2019 Atlanta AHR EXPO, I think we needs to reposition ourselves to be the best valuable and reliable global thermostatic products manufacturing service provider instead of to be best valuable global HVAC manufacturing service provider.

The world is changing, all these in HVAC industries are changing especially for manufacturers, they should be to reposition themselves.

In the past a decade, the Chinese manufacturers like to do business with a big customers and produce all relative products  for only one or two big customers as long as they can. Like Edison can produce radiator valves, safety valves, T&P valves, motorized valves, thermostatic mixing valves, push-fittings and other different HVAC and plumbing brass parts. So as a manufacturer has to buy more different machines and devices, R&D department have to be expand with more technicians, training works, the cost is more and more high. But now they are being threatened from the homogeneous competition and the overcapacity, how to reduce cost? You will see more and more machines are lying idle now but machines maintenances have to be done.


Actually, these international buyers are really very professional and knowledgeable, they know each manufacture who is good at manufacturing which product. For example, Edison is good at manufacturing thermostatic mixing valves and IDC is good at manufacturing ball valves and brass fittings or parts. Unfortunately, Edison went to AHR EXPO only two years, no more people knew we are good at manufacturing mixing valves. We produce these products sell to North America and Europe through other companies. So we should be to reposition ourselves to be the best valuable and reliable global thermostatic products manufacturing service. Thermostats, thermostatic mixing valves, thermostatic basin mixer thermostatic shower mixer and other thermostatic products are our main products and we have more than 12 years experiences for this and is the earliest Chinese supplier to obtain certifications from EU and US. We should focus on these products we are goods at to win more customers and bring more benefits for more customers as well as give up those products we are not good at but other manufacturers are goods at.

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