A common problem and the solution of hot water system

by:Edison      2020-09-05
Hot and cold use (i. e. thermal type Rapid type) Water heater, double with hanging furnace of hot water system, hot water temperature constant adjustment by the water heater usually internal electronic components and burner to cooperate to complete, almost all of mainstream models on the market at present can do accurate temperature control. But tap water feed water pressure change and the change of the water still can lead to the phenomenon of hot and cold. Aiming at the problem of tap water into the water pressure is not stable can use to solve the reduced pressure regulator valve, relief valve set pressure advice to 2. 5 - 3. 5 kg; Visual external regulation valve according to the change of water consumption, such as multiple points to water use at the same time, such as wash basin, shower, kitchen faucet open or partially close to each other at the same time, the influence of the metering valves can be used for single point limit flow with water. Flow-limiting valve water type hot water system, that is, using volumetric water tank to provide living hot water system, water tank water temperature gradually increased with the increase of water consumption will be reduced, which requires a thermostatic mixing valve to automatically adjust the mixing proportion of cold water and water tank water, ensure hot water temperature is constant.

thermostatic mixing valve from the installation position can be divided into water point and water mix two kinds, the former is used to ensure that the temperature of the hot water pipeline is constant, the latter is used to ensure the safety of the water temperature of the water point and constant;

can be divided into mechanical from the working principle of the constant temperature and electric constant temperature two kinds, the former more for small and medium-sized system, which is more used in large and medium-sized systems and thermal sterilization using; Accidental burns it is a terrible problem more than hot and cold, said some serious, could be deadly. High temperature hot water for infants, children, the elderly, sick, disabled, pet damage especially swift and severe. In water at the end point or heat source exit installation of hot resistant thermostatic mixing valve is a common and effective protection measures, specific installation position according to the hot water system and regulations of each country or region. Here there will be a user asked, thermostatic mixing valve and what's the difference between the thermostatic faucets, sanitary ware market using the alternative thermostatic mixing valve constant temperature faucet? Thermostatic faucets thermostatic mixing valve on the pipe system adjusting device rather than a user, it need to make sure that provide water point that will not cause instantaneous burn safety temperature, such as 48 ℃, and keep the temperature constant, not affected by water pressure, water consumption change. In the hot water temperature on the basis of customers through mix faucet ( Or constant temperature faucet) Choose to suit oneself hot water temperature, so even if a child old man accidentally tap fully open hot water that the highest temperature also only 48 ℃. In addition, hot resistant thermostatic mixing valve ( Attention! Not all of the thermostatic mixing valve has function of anti hot) Meet the following requirements: 1: cold water suddenly interrupted, thermostatic mixing valve automatically shut down, prevent hot water scald; 2: when hot water suddenly, thermostatic mixing valve automatically shut down, prevent cold low-temperature impact; 3: hot and cold water pressure of work more than 2:1, some models can even reach 6:1, TMV3 standard) ; 4: hot and cold water into the nozzle is equipped with a filter and check valve core. If more foolproof, can choose the water point such as a shower nozzle, faucet outlet installation iron valve, valve core built-in thermal element, when the water temperature more than 48 ℃ automatically shut off the water. Hot and cold 'series water type hot water system, this kind of phenomenon is common in storage is shown as: open the cold water tap or flush the toilet when the hot water, need to wait for a period of time to return to normal; Or is the use of unconfined type of solar water heater system, even in the case of sunny, mix faucet is still cold. This is mainly due to the hot and cold water caused by uneven pressure or differences. In pressure type heat storage water tank in the hot water system, hot water pressure from the cold water, can be understood as, hot water in the tank is by the cold water 'top', in principle, the hot and cold water pressure is equal. With one exception, however, it is also often overlooked by design or installation personnel, it is in a state of hot water tank with water heating, hot water pressure will rise sharply, as can be seen from the chart, cold water in the enclosed 4 kg pressure tank pressure when heated to a temperature of 33 degrees can be up to 12 kg, huge pressure difference can cause reflux, cold tap or flush toilets to emit the phenomenon such as hot water, cold water system might even go back to other users. This needs the key parts in hot water system to join the appropriate check, expansion and security components to prevent 'series of water' phenomenon appears, and the expansion of the absorption of water, to prevent the system pressure is too high. Rather than the problem of the pressure type solar water heater is because of the hot water pressure for water tank, pressure difference, usually in 1 kg ( 10 meters) The following, the pressure of tap water in 2 - 3 kg, under such pressure difference, use common mix faucet, hot water in mixing valve internal loss of pressure, this will cause poor mix water effect, low temperature hot water problem. The current solution is more using hot water pump hot water pressure, but the booster pump control, water flow switch calibration and the system cost is not very ideal. In this case, use an iron type solar thermostatic mixing valve more appropriate, it does not require an external power supply, work full of mechanical control, hot and cold water pressure than the big, 3:1) 。
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