A new era of smart home must be a thermostat

by:Edison      2020-08-22
With the rapid development of the Internet era, & other; Intelligent & throughout; Has become a hot word of this era. Smart refrigerator, intelligent toilet cover, sweeping the emergence of new things, such as robot show that intelligence has penetrated to the household sector is closely related to us. The high-end intelligent household brand rolls out new products, competition in the field of intelligent products. The core of a new generation of the thermostat is the product function and mobile application design of the Internet. When intelligent hvac thermostat encounter with mobile phones, and other One key operation throughout & anytime and anywhere; Experience of smart home is no longer the imagination. Use the Wi - Efinda new thermostat Fi network to implement the app and binding of the hvac thermostat. Users can remote operation in a number of places. Four patterns are free to define. Sat in the desk, or sitting on the sofa, can at any time to check the electric switch state of towel rack, truly & other; Holding a comfortable & throughout; 。 In a new era of smart home, we enjoy the necessary small home appliance of intelligent life comfortable, such as busy intelligent refrigerator fresh reminder, before going out & other; Little love students throughout the &; The temperature of the air, and with the help of the cleaning robot, a new generation of temperature controller has successfully become the indispensable one of the intelligent electrical general cleaning. We can imagine to use e intelligent electric towel rack life scene: in the morning, get up in the noisy bell, a key to open the electric towel rack, brush your teeth after cleaning, use dry towel, don't have to worry about acne skin; Night, tired to go home and enjoy with a warm towel after the shower, after use with wet towels and rags put it on the electric towel rack, comfortable again the next day. Do you have a smart home essential good things? When & other; Intelligent & throughout; Gradually fill our life space, it is easy to find, smart home is a stage to product the user experience for the battlefield. New era dominated by users of smart home, need not only a product, more in need of a new way of intelligent life. A new generation of the fender electric towel rack hvac thermostat is according to the needs of users from the product to the way of life, with its unique & other; Many scenes, remote control & throughout; Two big, provide personalized intelligent life experience for all users, smart home is a new era.
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