A panel control many sets of fan coil units

by:Edison      2020-09-04

switch little knowledge of the subject, in the central air conditioning switch industry belongs to the topic of hot debate, we did some research to switch little knowledge of this topic, here are some of our research results, the hope can help you.

actually, in the central air conditioning installed, the user can through the central air conditioning switch operating instructions to understand the central air conditioning usage. Generally speaking, users according to the air conditioning and use requirements, choose the central air conditioning heating, cooling and dehumidification and ventilation way to select key. But many users in use process tend to ignore the following points.

A, boot after the operation, the user can adjust air flow switch used to adjust the air conditioner refrigeration ( Hot) The amount. First of all, you should use high air volume, stay at room temperature close to the set temperature and then switch to low gear or in air volume, it can reduce the energy consumption of central air conditioning, save the cost.

B, central air conditioning, under the condition of the refrigeration set the temperature in the 20 - best 30 ℃, and the heating temperature is set at 14 - when running 27℃。 In addition, can also according to the set temperature check whether the compressor is running, just put the refrigeration set value is lower than when the indoor temperature, the heating value is higher than when the room temperature.

C, if the room temperature at or higher than the set value, shall be closed by a temperature controller to start and air conditioner; And air conditioner when not in use should be shut off the power and pull the plug.

above the hope can help you, hope have some help to you, if you still don't understand, welcome to telephone to contact us, we will provide you a detailed answer! Also welcome to visit our site l research at the same time.

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