After install thermostatic valve don't need the hydraulic balance?

by:Edison      2020-09-05
Thermostatic valve manufacturer to learn a lot of people at first glance, for those who have installed the thermostatic valve cooling equipment, hydraulic balance seems to be not what good, after all, the thermostatic valve has already adjust the flow of the radiator to the required value of the function isn't it? And so, you should think, automatic hydraulic balance has reached at this time. Of course, if the radiator system where all circuit operating in a stable state, this idea more or less certain accuracy. However, without the balance of the radiator to the so-called 'steady state' caused great damage. Might as well let's first consider such a situation: two pieces of installation on the road with a heat sink, is a 500 - watt, another is 2500 watts. Generally speaking, the installation workers will focus on installation of radiator thermostatic valves, even if the two pieces of heat sink is completely different. Heat sink head loss is usually small, and the flow is mainly limited to the thermostatic valve. At this time through the flow of the two pieces of different heat sink would be identical. If the flow rate for 2500 watts of heat sink is appropriate, so this means that for the 500 watts of radiator, at this time of flow over its design flow for five times!

suppose this problem, putting aside, other factors also will further damage the stability of the system - — Thermostatic valve is set in the set, for example, can cause they always in a state of 'open'. If the traffic is not restricted, will lead to part of the heat sink flow, while brings the other heat sink owe flow state, the short flow state, lead to some of the heat sink can never reach the desired room temperature.

room temperature imbalances night temperature is reduced, every morning when restart the heat sink, because the thermostatic valve fully open the trouble is caused by bad: the flow state in these systems may lead to unpredictable some pipeline pressure drop, and further lead to adverse reduced flow in the circuit. These circuits in the thermostatic valve reaches its normal advantageous loop can't get enough water before opening. This led to a series of problems between different heat sink is not unified start-up rate, and leads to the central controller to good management, have also led to the optimization of system are difficult to operate in any form. Let's take a look at the example below, the following is working on the same branch of the four heat sink, assume that each adjacent heat sink directly the design of the pressure drop is 1 kpa, without balance, a heat sink for differential pressure is 9 kpa, and then a 6 kpa. After the valve of presetting makes this a few heat sink can obtain the required design flow, at the same time guarantee the riser and branch also has reached the hydraulic balance. At this moment a few heat sink condition is as follows. Now, let's consider a situation in which a heat sink in the riser and branch balance, but when the radiator valve is not the default. The total capacity of branch pipe is correct, but there is no work under the design discharge heat sink. The results shown in the table below: to compare the two tables: a heat sink for traffic is 6 times of its design flow, and the heat output increased by only 14%. This means that after night temperature decrease, arrives at the time needed for the design temperature has not been greatly reduced. If the thermostatic valve 1 can be set to the correct value, flow through the radiator 1 will be after a period of time slowly reduced to the required value, and the two valve to obtain the design flow rate required. The entire launch process the amount of time than imagined. If the radiator thermostatic valve 1 remain fully open, the radiator 3 and 4 will never be able to reach the required design flow and room temperature ( For room 4, only 12 forever. 4 degrees) 。 Another possibility is that although the default all of the thermostatic valve, but there is no guarantee that the riser and branch pipe hydraulic balance. In this case, the hydraulic balance is hard to get, because all the circuits are interfered with each other. At the same time, all the excessive differential pressure will be imposed on the thermostatic valve, and cause noise. Not only that, because of the thermostatic valve Kv is so small, so that the risk of obstruction is very high.
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