After the basic knowledge of welding process

by:Edison      2020-09-04
A, what is the welding processing after welding processing is refers to the circuit board on wave after welding, for some not suitable for wave soldering of components, by using electric manual welding. After the second, the need for the reason of welding processing 1, components not high-temperature lead-free technology is becoming more and more popular nowadays, when a wave soldering, furnace temperature is higher than with lead process, so, some not high temperature resistant components of wave soldering. 2, components of high a wave soldering of components also to have certain restriction, the height of components is too high to cause by wave soldering. 3, a small amount of plug-ins in a wave that surface in a circuit board, in the wave soldering side there will be some plugins, if it is a small amount of plug-ins, can be used after welding processing, improve efficiency. 4, components near a process components plugin location close to the edge assembly line, affect the normal welding. 5, special components for customers with special requirements of high sensitivity of the components, also can't lead wave soldering. After welding processing in PCBA processing is very important for welding way, can make up for some deficiencies of wave soldering, improve the welding efficiency.
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