Air conditioning hot water system design steps

by:Edison      2020-09-05
A, choose cold | 1 in the form of hot water system, air conditioning water system in the form of A, double control and four control system for any air terminal devices, only set up A water supply pipe and A return pipe, water supply cold water in summer and heat in winter, so cold, Hot) Water system, automatic thermostatic valve manufacturer called double control system is introduced in this paper; For any air terminal device, and two return pipe, is equipped with two pipes one group for the return pipe is used to the cold water system, another group used for hot water system, and the cold ( Hot) Water system, known as the four control system. B, closed and open systems closed water circulation without opening in pipeline, and open system at the end of the conduit is interlinked with the atmosphere. Open system using pumps, except to overcome system resistance loss, still need to have the water head of ascending to a certain height, therefore, requires a large head, the corresponding energy consumption is bigger also. Closed system piping system and atmospheric, water pump head needed only to overcome the system resistance loss, don't need to be involved would improve water level required for the position of the pressure head, as a result, small head needed more open, the corresponding energy consumption is small, and the possibility of pipeline and equipment corrosion by air is small. C, programming and

with the program system should be set up in fan coil air conditioning room, according to the parallel to the main pipe of water supply and return water main units of the circulation line between presidents are equal, can be divided into different programs and programs system.

different programs of piping system configuration is simple, save steel tubes, but the parallel loop length range, thus resistance, difficult to balance traffic distribution, increasing the difficulty of initial adjustment. Program with the parallel loop length equal, roughly equal resistance and flow distribution is balanced, also can reduce the difficulty of the first adjustment, but the initial investment is higher. D, the amount of water and VWV system set in the water system of water is a constant. It by changing the device at the end of the water supply to adjust the load of air conditioning room change. Each air terminal device or partition of water, using the hands in the air conditioning room the electric three-way valve to control the flame state regulation. VWV system is to keep the temperature of the air conditioning water system TongGong and backwater is changeless, by changing the water system of water flow to adapt to the change of the air conditioning load, the system charge in indoor air terminal device of the flow rate of the electric two-way valve to control the flame state regulation, adopts the variable water volume adjustment method is at present more. Since VWV system load is in a state of change, it is suggested that in the central room for the return pipe between by-pass pipe, and set up the differential pressure control valves. In addition, both water quantity and water system, air conditioning terminal set in addition to the set of automatic control of electric valve, in order to convenient maintenance, both sides must be set before and after the cut-off valve, or increase the by-pass device. E, single pump system and complex pump system by a central computer room for manifold back, heat and cold source side and load side common pump, single pump system; Hot and cold source side and load side pump were set up, called double pump system, also called secondary pump system. 2, the choice of the form of air conditioning water system and partition A, general building the comfortable sex of central air conditioning, the cold ( Hot) Water system appropriate USES single pump, variable water volume adjustment and dual control system, and for the same program or partition program as soon as possible. B, comfortable sex requirement high buildings can be used four control system. C, high-rise buildings, especially very high building, water supply radius in each layer is not big, often used with vertical main program, the level of process pipe. D, if only in the system setup an air-conditioning host, appropriate USES fixed water system; When setting up multiple hosts, consider using VWV system. E, in general, appropriate USES single pump system in large buildings, but if each partition load change rule, or water supply to partition on the loop resistance difference is big, or use a function and running time is differ, or water supply radius difference, etc. , are appropriate USES double entry pump system.
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