Air-conditioning thermostat thermal bags of freon leak

by:Edison      2020-09-26

air-conditioning hvac thermostat thermal bags freon leak, cause there is no pressure in the thermal bag, corrugated pipe can't push the lever. Repair method is: from the air conditioning hvac thermostat, then remove the thermostat thermal bag institutions, cut the tail pipe of liquid sealing, nitrogen pressure to about two atmospheres or freon gas filling the temperature inside the package, then the heat pack structure immersed in water, if there is continuous, tiny air bubbles is that thermal bag institutions for leaks, then in the leak with fine gauze burnish drops the surface oxidation film, with a soldering iron soldering repair does not leak to be, and then use vacuum pump exhaust temperature of air inside the bag, then into 70% of the heat tolerance product for freon 142 b, and good sealing liquid. Put the heat pack institutions into the thermostat, and then take a birdbath, into the warm water about 15 cm deep, will heat water, as shown in figure 1, and to set the knob position in hot, heat 2 minutes later, with a small screwdriver slowly turn adjusting screw clockwise or counterclockwise, until connected terminals C and H ( Multimeter judgment on whether or not available) , in this way, then fix the hvac thermostat.

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