Air source heat pump heating maintenance, antifreeze, electrical safety, frost and other information!

by:Edison      2020-09-05
With this round of cooling, heating has become a top priority. Many people in heat pump are working overtime to project closeout, hope as soon as possible to the customer heating. And has good heat, hot and cold water thermostatic valve manufacturer to remind should also pay attention to air source heat pump units in winter antifreeze matters! 1. Before and after boot, 17 if you want to check this first operation of heat pump heating system in winter is more stable, and even make the system service life is longer, before the use of the whole system can be a 'body check'. Then, specific to check the details below. Due to the air can be a high degree of automation equipment, when used on a regular basis unit state examination, if can to the long-term effect of maintenance, operation reliability and service life of the unit will have unexpected increase. So, by the seller after the scope of work should not be a problem before the door repair, but the service before the problem occurred.

in the winter approaching, or in ordinary days, dealer knock on cleaning and inspection units for the customer, the important parts, check the wiring and so on, to ensure that the unit will not fail at ordinary times, in order to ensure the smooth for the winter.

3。 Strengthen the insulation pipe heat preservation pipe for project quality, is very important, many dealers are aware of the importance of the pipeline to keep warm. Bare pipe in the external environment of low temperature will decline. Before the pipe heat preservation dealers should be put on 'clothes' for pipeline as soon as possible, wear the clothes, the pipe will be warm, not fall of the water in the pipe. Experiments show that when water tank insulation thickness of 50 mm, 0 to 5 ℃ environment for 12 hours in the hot water temperature around 10 ℃; Insulation thickness is 100 mm, the environment at the same time 12 hours, no more than 3 ℃. The outer adopts zero again. 3 mm thickness of aluminum foil, seal with stainless steel screws. Strengthen the heat preservation, hot water temperature drop decrease, is equal to improve the host running efficiency and reduce the running time. 4. Keep heat pump and electric air source heat pump heating system with water as a medium between the heat transfer, if the weather temperature is lower, when we go out to the air can heat pump is broken, so could lead to a sharp decline in the large amount of water temperature in the pipeline, the temperature is too low, it is possible to freezing equipment, lead to equipment failure. Air source heat pump equipment with functions of antifreeze, in low temperature to a certain temperature, equipment will start automatically, prevent freezing equipment and pipe lines. 5. If need not when should be timely water emptying air source heat pump in winter is not running or need long downtime, such as the unit to go out for a long time, often do not use units, water pumps, shall be in all of the water in the outdoor pipeline emptying, unit to prevent freezing, and cut off power supply. And then the runtime for air source heat pump system for a multifaceted surface inspection, make sure there are no fault occurs. 6. Condensate should properly handle the air source heat pump in heating when you have a lot of heat and cold, so in the process of heating, will undoubtedly have a large number of drip. Water flows downwards is known to all, if a slight negligence in the condensed water discharge, then the condensed water through the pipe to the outside, will flow to the ground, the temperature is below freezing, ice condensation water easily, have the potential to drain frozen, and then along the drain climbing, led to the normal operation of the equipment. 'Coal to power' and for rural users, because the host is installed on the side of the road or in the condensed water disorderly emissions, is likely to cause the road is smooth, before leading to the pedestrian go down fall, causing unnecessary economic losses. So the condensed water pipe position must be reasonably designed, himself or regular cleaning condensate. 7. Heat pump around the debris and snow clear in time if ventilation heat pump installation position is not good, will influence the heat pump heating effect, so want to clean up more, also note that the host of the fan blowing out is cold, if there is debris blocking in front, will affect the cold wind scattered, so that it can lead to lack of heat in the air, affect the heating effect. If too much snow, the snow to keep clear of in time. 8. If the host frost, need a thorough frost host must thoroughly frost in winter, if the frost is not completely after start the host, can make the host is icy, but also the knot, the more into the vicious circle, cause the host cannot work normally. Frost, only have two kinds of normal and abnormal. Actualization process of frost. From start to finish, and completely for about 2 minutes, 1 normal frost, when outdoor temperature is lower than 0 ℃ in winter, the heating time is long, outdoor units of the whole uniform frost on the surface of heat exchanger, this is normal phenomenon. Reason: the heat exchanger when the blast temperature is lower than the ambient air dew point in different degrees, the entire heat exchanger fin surface produces condensation water, when the air temperature at 0 ℃, condensation water will condense into thin cream. Frost, of course, seriously will affect the machine heating effect. General heat pump product has function of automatic frost, ensure the normal operation of the unit. 2, abnormal frost, this is the main reason resulting in failure of air can run, this is all the dealers must highly pay attention to. Steps of the judgment and elimination method is as follows: first of all check Settings are correct, frost start time, start temperature, frost time, frost end temperature setting is reasonable. In general, frost factory Settings to start the temperature is 2 ~ 4 ℃, frost time interval for 30 to 45 minutes, frost end temperature is 10 ℃ or so commonly. Check the Settings whether reasonable, and then on to the next step.
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