Application of PPS in mix water valve

by:Edison      2020-09-06
Mix water valve, as the name implies, is a valve, the mixing of hot and cold water. That everyone should be familiar with this thing, the sink in the home, solar water heaters, electric water heater, and the geothermal heating system etc. These areas in the north can use mix water valve of the device. Small make up today, thermostatic valve factory is a brief introduction for you. PPS three major advantages of traditional mix water valve is generally selected material and copper material, why the PPS can replace copper to use in the field of mix water valve, mainly has several advantages. 1, the cost advantage, in terms of its density, the density of copper is 4 than PPS. 5 ~ 5 times, the density of copper in 8. 92 g/cm3, and the density of PPS is only 1. 68-2. 02 g/cm3 and PPS material copper on price. 2, when processing advantages of traditional metal copper processing time-consuming, laborious and PPS for plastics, processing up mainly has three advantages: can be one-time injection molding, processing convenience and high efficiency can be secondary processing, like metal car, milling, planing, grinding, drilling, sawing after surface treatment, such as PPS can be paint, electroplating, printing and laser marking, etc. 3, environmental advantages of PPS in does not contain heavy metals, is more secure than the environmental protection. PPS instead of the copper is only more than three advantage is strong enough to support PPS material used to mix water valve, the focus is on as mix water valve material needs to have what performance, the performance of PPS material can do? Mix water valve materials required performance: has the rigid (similar to the metal High modulus) And at the same time also has enough toughness. Impulse withstand long-term cold hot water cycle, water resistance and cracking resistance to chemical corrosion, Mainly the chemical composition of chlorine in the hot water) After modification and PPS material have compared the performance of the metal, the performance is as follows: good elongation at break in the weld line has high strength and elongation at break excellent thermal shock performance under high humidity and high temperature still has excellent properties of good water resistance ( In 140 ℃ water, soak for 16 weeks later, still can keep 80% of the original mechanical properties. ) At room temperature in the basic is not affected by low concentration of chlorine water. At room temperature, soaking at 0. 7% ( 7000 ppm) Chlorine water for three months, retain 99% of the original bending strength. In the 180 ° F ( 82°C) Temperature, soaking at 0. 26% ( 2600 PPM) Chloride aqueous solution for three months, PPS retain 78% of the initial bending strength. Chlorine water flow can also be good to keep performance. In chlorine heat circulating water test, no degradation phenomenon. And in the same experiment environment SMA ( Styrene/maleic anhydride copolymer) In 780 hours, elimination, PPA ( High temperature nylon) After 1100 hours there have been eroded. But also has good resistance to water impact
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