At the end of the central air conditioning system equipment

by:Edison      2020-08-29
Fan coil hvac thermostat as device at the end of the central air conditioning system, widely used in many public places, its main characteristics are as follows: < P > a, self-contained units, flexible adjustment. Fan coil units for three gears, and water system can be set according to user's room temperature conditions, take the hot and cold water automatic control temperature control valve adjustment, so that each room can be adjusted independently at room temperature, to meet the demand of different air conditioning, the room no one can be manually turned off or when using automatic timing shutdown, and can make the developers avoid an input is too big, facilitate the scrolling development, according to different customers at the opening of the room. Which reduces the overall system operation cost.

the system partition is relatively easy to control, can press of the front of the room, floors, purpose, time is divided into several areas, such as partition according to different customers use demand control, so as to avoid the big duct system must be centralized control is not reasonable.

2, fan coil, airframe small, flexible layout, convenient installation, less occupied space, easy to cooperate within the construction. But according to the different requirements of the owners, combining with the design drawing to choose good fan coil into use in the practical engineering,

In the present growing world of emerging technology, the has demanding operation in various sectors like hvac expansion valve, ac compressor control valve, hvac expansion valve and many other industries at ac compressor control valve levels of manufacturing and designing.
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