Cb indoor thermostat - What is the thermostat

by:Edison      2020-08-21

in cb indoor temperature controller & ndash; What is a thermostat in cb all panel adjustment, can regulate the temperature of the water, the water outlet temperature 35 degrees to 85 degrees Celsius, its relationship with the room temperature is very difficult to calculate, wall hanging furnace temperature controller is the solution to the problem of spare parts, how many degrees of room temperature adjustable it will do. Hanging wall hanging furnace heating furnace temperature controller is suitable for the control system, its working principle is the temperature sensor on the thermostat, resistance varies with temperature changes, the comparison of the testing room temperature and set temperature, when the resistance change to a calibration value, the relay switch: action to take, output the start-stop control wall hanging furnace.

in cb indoor temperature controller & ndash; The choose and buy of wall-mounted boiler room thermostat tip 1. Choose brand product

sales of wall-mounted boiler thermostat brand on the market at present mainly imported brands, most of them are in the domestic production or domestic thermostat factory OEM, rarely part is imported. In recent years, domestic wall-mounted boiler thermostat brand gradually with its low price and good quality for the user, actually hanging furnace temperature controller technology difficulty is not high, and the central air-conditioning hvac thermostat is very similar, so there's no need to blindly pursue the import brand, homebred wall hanging furnace temperature controller can adapt to the wall hanging furnace temperature control.

in cb indoor temperature controller

2. Choose appropriate function

now hanging furnace heating thermostat mainly include: mechanical, electronic, and programmable electronic is divided into the programming two kinds. Cb mechanical thermostat temperature control accuracy enough, is not recommended. Electronic the programmatic wall hanging furnace temperature controller has the advantages of simple operation, intuitive, applicable to family people often use; Cb electronic programmable thermostat is the most common use of a thermostat, the wall hanging furnace thermostat at lower temperature to save energy at the same time does not affect the comfort.

3。 Choose cb wired or wireless thermostat control mode can be wired and wireless, cable thermostat is cheap and reliable, but no wireless thermostat is convenient, wireless hvac thermostat, although price is high, but it can be anywhere at any time control of the temperature of the room.

4。 Choose a suitable power supply

in cb thermostat power supply with battery power and 220 v power supply, early use of batteries is more, can use more than one year, now more than 220 v power supply of the thermostat also gradually, has the characteristics of thin, less prominent metope, beautiful, very convenient when at night or in bad light. The thermostat, and no current exchange between cb, used batteries and 220 v power supply.

comfortable more than 100 network to introduce you the choose and buy of wall-mounted boiler hvac thermostat techniques. Indoor wall hanging furnace thermostat function is very powerful, if you have cb in the home, so comfortable 100 nets recommend you for it with the corresponding temperature controller, it is very easy to adjust the temperature and control, also can better care for your family.

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