Central air conditioner coil temperature controller to control and operate

by:Edison      2020-08-21

temperature controller is to control the temperature of the air conditioning room electrical switchgear. Central air conditioner thermostat is designed to control the development and design of fan coil units are widely used in the heating, cooling, ventilation and other hvac controls. Fan speed can be adjusted by manual control or automatic control wind speed button, in order to achieve the purpose of control room temperature, we will follow below small make up together to look at!

a, central air-conditioning thermostat is divided into two kinds, one kind is mechanical, is a kind of liquid crystal. Now are generally use liquid crystal, it is one of the advantages of equipped with remote control, can realize remote control over a long distance. Temperature controller is used to open and closed air conditioning, is mainly used to control the fan and the electromagnetic valve, its function is mainly to adjust the air temperature, humidity, air velocity, cleanliness, timing, etc.

2, central air-conditioning hvac thermostat works

the working principle of central air conditioner thermostat is not as complicated as we imagined. When it comes to the thermostat is actually a kind of to be able to install the air conditioning room temperature control of an electronic switching device. General temperature controller for temperature control range between 18 ℃ to 28 degrees Celsius. Its working principle is through the principle of pressure control, through the pressure to push the controller to work inside of the contact.

three, central air-conditioning thermostat note

1, must be in accordance with the correct wiring diagram wiring operation, do not let water, mud, dust etc in the magazine with the thermostat, otherwise it will damage the parts.

2, thermostat output control power is related to the use of safe, stable, if improper selection may have serious consequences. products are marked with output voltage and current control, control the output voltage and current multiplication, can get the output control power. The operation of the controlled equipment power must be smaller than the output of the thermostat control power. Otherwise will damage the thermostat, serious can cause fire!

3, thermostat installed around it is better for the free flow of air and temperature stability. To avoid install the thermostat there is direct sunlight, when indoor when decorate, it is best not to install the thermostat first.

4, some brands of central air conditioner hvac thermostat thermostat support multiple voltage input, to ensure that the input voltage and allow the input voltage to ensure consistent. And one more thing is to be mentioned is some temperature controller does not support direct current on and off, or on and off the dc voltage, the smaller the when buying the thermostat to business consulting clear, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

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