Central air conditioner thermostat as thermostat wiring error will cause the machine did not move

by:Edison      2020-09-22

1, after the replacement of the hvac thermostat compressor still non-stop, this is because the thermostat wiring error, cause the compressor running non-stop. Fault refrigerator maintenance analysis, the door opened the freezer door maintenance, see indicator, but don't start the compressor, doubt hvac thermostat failure. 拆下塑料盒,取出温控器,见该 温控器有三个引线端子用三用表测其中三个引线端子,均呈现电阻无穷大。 Central air conditioner thermostat controlled refrigerator circuit principle diagram measuring side open l/c, then try after l/c terminal short circuit, the compressor immediately start operation, confirmed that the thermostat is damaged, replacement of the thermostat after troubleshooting. Case description when 2, normal operation of the old refrigerator don't boot failure, resilience when rotating the thermostat knob to start, but a long time to stop, then is not running. 故障冰箱维修分析中央空调温控器通过操作压缩机能够运行,说明压缩机正常。 The problem may damage the thermostat or compressor startup capacitor has certain degree of failure. Try to replace the thermostat, plug-in electric operation, observe the normal. 温控器损坏原温控器型号 WDF18D- L models WDF18Q - 220 v / 4 a replacement 102 250 V 50/60HZ 5/4A ,对直冷式电冰箱,在更换温控器时,须事先记录原温控器三个引线端子的位置不能只凭记忆进行接线。 Said the thermostat reset type, central air-conditioning thermostat in three terminals with h/l/c on characters, some thermostat marked with 6, 3, 4 digit symbol, its corresponding relationship is corresponding 3 c h corresponding 6 l 4 accordingly. H terminals of the thermostat graft refrigerator power cord l terminal and saving electricity switch phase c terminal and thermal protector at one end. three a terminal is the relationship between h and l for a normally closed manually switch between central air conditioner thermostat under normal conditions in a closed state. Only when the thermostat in the off position, the internal contact to disconnect. Between l and c are the real temperature automatic control switch, it is responsible for induction of refrigeration indoor temperature, and control the start and stop of compressor. If can't remember the original thermostat wiring in maintenance, can be used to identify by three table was used to measure and first of all find out h terminals, multimeter r× at room temperature; 10ω Block. Three terminal shall be zero ohm, the thermostat in off, one of the terminals and the other two terminal resistance infinity, h terminal, then the other two are the l and c terminal, they are the temperature control switch, according to the correct connection.

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