Central air conditioner thermostat factory development history?

by:Edison      2020-08-21

central air conditioner hvac thermostat manufacturer through continuous innovation and development, the scale of the company continue to grow stronger, become the deserved first brand, has applied for nearly 10 patents, product has two series of cold/heat meter products won the state bureau of quality and technical supervision issued by the license for manufacturing measuring instruments of the People's Republic of China. In 2000, in the domestic first to launch BSH2000 synthesis billing management system, and in 2001 to participate in the formulation of the national metrological verification procedures JJG225 - table of the heat 2001, the subsequent also participated in the establishment of urban construction industry standard 'household metering instrument data transmission technology conditions' (CJ/T188 - And the heat meter CJ128-2004 2007. In 2009, the company founder Mr Tan Wensheng also & lomb & quot; The national urban heating standardization technical committee ( 囊/ TC455) ” Committee member.

in addition to have the leading position of construction measurement industry, nearly three years, the company's building energy-saving products and services in the industry has sprung up, the development of building energy consumption monitoring and billing systems, heating energy-saving control and accounting management system and ESS BC building energy management system, such as service covers building energy monitoring, energy audit, building energy saving solutions consulting, planning and design, custom development, energy saving system operation and maintenance, etc.

' Together with the time, for the social innovation & quot; Is the pursuit of people. Focus on the future, all staff will be in a pioneering spirit, innovative ideas, to serve the market demand as the guide, with high and new science and technology as the backing, is committed to intelligent energy-saving technology was applied to city level buildings, commercial buildings, transportation, office buildings, industrial buildings, residential buildings, etc. , for customers to create a more efficient, energy saving, comfortable, environmental protection, health, green building environment.


temperature controller is to control the temperature of the air conditioning room electrical switchgear. Temperature controller's control in air conditioning room temperature range, generally at 18 ℃ - 28℃。 Window air conditioner commonly used temperature controller based on pressure mechanism to promote contact with broken. Its structure by corrugated pipe, thermal bag ( Test tube) , eccentric, micro switch, etc to form a sealed induction system and a transmit signal power system.

control methods generally fall into two kinds; One is controlled by the temperature change of the object being cooled for, more than the steam pressure type temperature controller, another by the control to the change of temperature of the cooling object, use the electronic temperature controller. is divided into:

mechanical are divided into: steam pressure type thermostat, liquid expansion hvac thermostat, gas adsorption type thermostat, metal expansion type thermostat.

the vapor pressure thermostat is divided into: gas type, liquid gas mixed type and liquid type. Home air conditioning mechanical is given priority to with this type of thermostat.

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