Central air conditioner thermostat factory mechanical thermostat operation method:

by:Edison      2020-08-26

central air conditioner hvac thermostat factory mechanical thermostat operation method:

1, switch machine: strike the toggle switch to the ON position, the thermostat start; Switch the toggle to the OFF position, the thermostat to turn it OFF.

2, work mode setting: the toggle switch toggle to COOL location, set the thermostat as refrigeration mode; The toggle switch toggle to HEAF position, set the thermostat as heating mode.

3, temperature setting: mechanical thermostat, adopt the knob set temperature, the red dot on the panel to indicate the temperature of the data.

4, wind speed setting: switch toggle to the LOW position;

a thermostat setting of low wind speed; Switch toggle to WED position, set the thermostat as intermediate wind speed; Switch toggle to the High position, set the thermostat as High wind speed. LCD thermostat by electronic logic circuit carries on the comparison to its measuring temperature and set temperature, control the end of the central air conditioning fan, water valve, etc. , used in hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, industrial and civil buildings, such as medical treatment, especially the villa for the alleged ambient temperature constant set temperature range, this thermostat is equipped with a remote control, remote control can be realized. thermostat, refers to the temperature change according to the working environment, physical deformation inside the switch occurs, resulting in a certain special effect, produce a series of automatic control of the conduction or disconnect the action element, also called temperature control switch, temperature controller, temperature protection, hereinafter referred to as the thermostat.

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