Central air conditioner thermostat factory thermostat classification:

by:Edison      2020-08-26

central air conditioner thermostat manufacturer hvac thermostat categories:

the central air conditioning switch is a central air conditioning terminal control products. Divided into two major categories of thermostat and three-speed switch, temperature controller can control fan coil motor valve and fan at the same time, three-speed switch can only control the fan.

categories: there are two kinds of thermostat

a for manual, marked with antifreeze 5-10 degrees Celsius - 15 degrees to 20 degrees Celsius, 25 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius as air conditioning you adjusted one temperature and indoor temperature on the temperature.

the second is more than 7 days time programming hvac thermostat, according to you a week's routine, good program, to boot, shutdown, heating, constant temperature such as running, for example, you go to work in the morning, cb his turn it off, you arrived home at six o 'clock, afternoon five point four, began his run in cb, when you walk into the house and room temperature is 20 degrees Celsius. When you go to sleep, room temperature automatically jump to 16 degrees Celsius, all these changes are you preset.

the hvac thermostat is in a lot of people, of the sitting room and the office air conditioning switch, it is the cable connection. Like to leave a when decorate by hanging at the bottom of the furnace to the wiring duct of the sitting room, leave more than two root stocks within the gum line.

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