Central air conditioner thermostat four kinds of common problem how to solve?

by:Edison      2020-09-25

central air conditioner thermostat, in fact, that is to say, a kind of can be fitted with central air-conditioning room temperature control of an electronic device switch cabinet. General hvac thermostat to control the temperature of the category in the middle of the 18 ℃ to 28 degrees Celsius. Its principle is actually according to the basic principle of work stress efficacy, to carry out control, promote the controller according to the work pressure of point contact to work inside.

central air conditioner thermostat common problem:

1, the wiring must be in accordance with the appropriate wiring method actual operation, don't let the infiltration of water, mortar, dust and other journal thermostat, otherwise will ruin the parts.

2, hvac thermostat output control output power associated with the application of safety, smooth, if choose bad will cause serious harm. goods are marked with output control voltage and current, control the output voltage and current product, will be able to obtain the output control output power. Controlled machine equipment operation output power must be lower than the output of the thermostat control output power. Or you will destroy the thermostat, serious can cause fire accident!

3, where temperature controller installed with gas and temperature of the liquid to the stable. Also want to prevent install the hvac thermostat in the region of the sun, when inner room interior decoration, do not have to keep the thermostat installed on first.

4, some well-known brand of thermostat for multiple voltage type central air conditioner thermostat, be sure to type in the voltage and allow type voltage to ensure consistent. Also one thing is clear, that is to say some thermostat is not compatible with alternating current (ac) conduction, or conduction of dc voltage, the smaller the thermostat of the choose and buy to inn-keeper consulting clear, in case of causing unnecessary inconvenience.

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