Central air conditioner thermostat - How to install fan coil thermostat?

by:Edison      2020-08-30

central air conditioner hvac thermostat - How to install fan coil thermostat?

fan coil thermostat is how to install?

1, the first to use a word screwdriver into fan coil thermostat side small card sits in his mouth, gently pry the base plate ( Do not force or pressure or otherwise break you shell booth) , so that the fan coil thermostat panel and bottom separation, then used his plate with screws to fixed place put fan coil thermostat panel button to the floor. Connection must be in accordance with the electrical wiring diagram correctly, do not make water, mud and other impurities into the

2, fan coil thermostat

, otherwise it will cause damage of components. Fan coil hvac thermostat should be installed in the ambient air on the free flow of metope, ground high of 1. 2 meters, and is a stable temperature and nowhere near the place that take the door or air conditioning unit,

shall guarantee that the installation position is not affected by other sources of heat and prevent sun, doors and Windows, air flow or the outer wall temperature, etc.

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