Central air conditioner thermostat indoor fan coil thermostat switch LCD screen with the remote control

by:Edison      2020-08-24

small make up to you today to introduce simple indoor fan coil thermostat switch how to install the wiring, a lot of time, friends will think one or two switches don't need to ask professional personage to help install, but does not install, so small make up today to simple introduce myself to everyone how to DIY indoor fan coil thermostat switch wiring. ,

the thermostat installed can be installed directly on the metope of drying, the loosen the fastening screw turn up the hvac thermostat panel, attention to tighten the screws can not be completely removed. Completed the route to wear tube and confirm that the thermostat is completely fixed on the wall or electric control box, according to the temperature controller panel back in the original position and tighten the screws.

model is the digital thermostat thermostat, apply to the central air-conditioning fan coil system of indoor temperature regulation and control fan and fan coil three-speed switch of the valve. Can two controlled cooling or heating alone, two refrigeration or heating transformation control manual adjustment. Its terminal righteousness L is the power of fire, 220 vac. N is zero power supply line, the VC is heating/cooling valve, VO is heating/cooling valve open, FH is high-speed fan, FM is a medium speed fan, FL is low fan. Connections L L, N N, VO connection valve door again connecting N, FH, FM, FL connection to connect the valve and fan N. You can set the keyboard lock in the installation Settings, the default state is all keyboards are available. Keyboard lock can be set into mode button lock, fan and the model button lock, all the keyboard lock ( Except the power button) And all the keyboard lock mode. Is the standard 86 wall bottom box installation.

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