Central air conditioner thermostat installation and operation steps

by:Edison      2020-09-25

central air conditioner hvac thermostat is divided into two, electronic and mechanical press show different information into liquid crystal display and adjustment type. Air conditioning thermostat is according to the program editor, using the application process to manipulate and signal to electric actuators are coming from a variety of data, and then do control air conditioning fan side pipe and its electric two-way valve purpose. Temperature control panel is on the central air-conditioning room temperature of manipulating electrical switchgear. Temperature control panel manipulation by the central air conditioning room in 18 ℃ - the temperature of the category - 28℃。

1 central air conditioner hvac thermostat installation method. Will this panel driver board ( Power board) Join as stipulated in the figure good wind plate, electric control valve ( Relay or electric air valve) And the power plug. 2. LCD computer motherboards and switch power supply drive pan-hu line connection is good. 3. LCD computer motherboard back cover off, switch power driver board in the bottom of the embedded parts box. 4. The back cover with a small screws fixed well. 5. Install the control surface interface card into the back cover, over.

central air conditioner hvac thermostat steps 1, as the key switch machine, the function keys to select system start or standby condition. 2. M: mode key, the function key selection system control mode, cooling or heating. Refrigeration is to reduce the natural environment temperature, on the contrary is heating up. 3, wind, key function key to pick the size of the output of the wind, the wind can be divided into three categories: low, medium and high-end, not the same leaves, from more to less successively means high, medium and low. 4, set the temperature. Conditioning can set temperature height, if you must, then you can set the temperature should be higher than the room temperature, the way of heating, on the contrary is less than the room temperature, the way for cooling.

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