Central air conditioner thermostat installation method

by:Edison      2020-08-30

1 central air conditioner hvac thermostat installation method. Will this controller driver board ( Power board) According to the requirements of figure fitting of fan coil units, electric valve ( Electromagnetic valve or air valve) And the power cord. 2. LCD main board and power drive pan-hu ribbon cable connection is good. 3. LCD motherboard back cover landed, embedding power driver board embedded within the cassette. 4. Use screws to fix back cover. 5. Will face the card into the back cover, installation.

operation method 1, as the key switch machine, key choice system boot or shutdown state. 2. M: mode key, key choice system control mode, cooling or heating. Refrigeration is to reduce the environmental temperature and vice is heating up. 3, wind speed key, keys to choose the size of the output of the wind, the wind speed can be divided into three categories: low, mid-range and high-grade, different blade, from more to less, in turn, on behalf of high, medium and low. 4, set temperature. Can set temperature, if you need heating, at this point you can set temperature should be higher than the indoor temperature, pattern for heating, whereas under room temperature, pattern for refrigeration.

Most people who see a in operation for the first time are amazed at how well the hvac expansion valve is managed.
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