Central air conditioner thermostat manufacturer three-speed switch 86 water air conditioning temperature control panel

by:Edison      2020-08-20

straight maintained a supply and demand two prosperous development situation, a number of supporting policies in the country, driven by electrical appliances machine production and sales of rejuvenation, the purchase quantity of the hvac thermostat also increased significantly, with the market demand to see the central air conditioning LCD thermostat temperature control switch is still a pillar in the thermostat market.

the basic principle of indoor temperature controller, temperature controller in the control line connected to the diversion box, control the size of the coil current. Each temperature controller with a temperature probe, can through the thermostat set temperature. On the choice of location is required, first of all, try not to close to the door window, is good at to represent a point as the temperature of the room. Is generally and switch side by side, we can choose from a far place, so that its perceived temperature is average.

area larger space when installing a coil, the ground must be set expansion joints, according to the regulations of the state, any side of the room more than 6 meters in length, or in an area of more than 30 ping, we are required to set up contraction joint. Because the coil installed with backfill material such as cement, river sand, stone, form the heat storage layer, and this will be one layer with the temperature of the water in the coil heat bilges cold shrink, so take shrinkage joint, or it will ground adornment layer ( The floor) Will appear damage, cracking.

the installation of expansion joint is to have cultured, usually long side of the room is installed vertically, not through the expansion joints as far as possible the second coil, if through the coil in the equipped with hoses, this is to avoid, in the later use of the heat storage layer heat bilges cold shrink caused by ground act the role of material break

from the point of application scope, central air conditioning LCD hvac thermostat temperature control switch is widely applied in the field of household appliances production, almost all appliances need this spare parts, in recent years, rapid development in the Chinese electrical appliances industry, under the drive of central air conditioning LCD thermostat temperature control switch market a automatic control equipment co. , LTD. Web site, welcome to Texas, is mainly engaged in LCD thermostat, is a dark outfit LCD thermostat, through the keyboard to set the room temperature, temperature controller according to the set temperature automatically open and close the fan coil or the wind valve, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the room temperature. This series of products can be widely used in central air conditioning system of room temperature regulation; 。 Unit with a registered capital of a registered capital of 100 - 2. 5 million yuan. Have a vicious price war, is a lot of industry competition, many manufacturers in order to win the battle of price, at the expense of the quality of the products, and resolutely put an end to a price war, our company insist on a superior raw materials and advanced technology to ensure product quality, ensure the legitimate interests of the consumers.

'central air conditioner thermostat fan coil thermostat thermostat manufacturers selling' detail

central air conditioning, believe that everybody is not strange for air conditioning, even in the home is more than one air conditioner, central air conditioning fan plate of central air conditioning temperature control switch panel LCD thermostat is the upgraded version of air conditioning, the working principle of the different is unique technology is more advanced. Central air-conditioning tuyere location on the ceiling, can ensure uniform cooling refrigeration, a higher comfort level. Central air conditioning using yituo many design, central air conditioning fan plate temperature control switch panel LCD thermostat simply one more than the corresponding outdoor indoor machine, on-demand transportation, energy conservation, environmental protection, condole type installation does not occupy a space, central air conditioning fan plate temperature control switch panel LCD thermostat fashion trends, decorate to cater to the demands. Fresh air system: the existence of the totally different from the central air conditioning, central air conditioning temperature control switch panel LCD thermostat fan disc is aimed at the present problem of air pollution research and development of an air treatment system, it can thoroughly solve the indoor air pollution,

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