Central air conditioner thermostat manufacturer time central air-conditioning thermostat function briefly thermostat billing

by:Edison      2020-08-20

shandong Texas sinar mas group hundred million kay central air conditioner thermostat 24 h clock function; The MODBUS standard 485 communication interface; The low temperature protection function, Optional) ; Three, the thermostat function characteristics: 1, the hvac thermostat, control; Set indoor temperature; According to indoor temperature; 2, fan three-speed manual or automatic control; The actual working status display automatically wind speed; 3, refrigeration, heating and ventilation mode setting; The scene fan is controlled Settings; 4, soft color backlighting function, convenient to use at night, to an external 5, induction type can be set in the control center and control coil working state; On-site locking function such as 6, clock function; Provide timing on/off function, simplify the daily operation; Sleep function 7, can the temperature calibration function; Standard box installed, beautiful and easy, decorate with 8, offers a variety of energy saving management pattern, can be triggered by external devices or control center and 9, according to local electric valve in the running time of transmission; Precise statistics air conditioning use actual state, provide more reasonable, more flexible way of air conditioning billing four, temperature controller parameters: temperature setting range: 10 ~ 30 ℃ temperature accuracy: + / - 1 temperature tolerance: + / - 1 ℃

shandong Texas sinar mas group hundred million kay type central air conditioning central air conditioner thermostat time billing system is based on the central air conditioning the development and application of computer monitoring and control system. Combined with the monitoring and control system of monitoring and control, a greater degree to meet user demand for central air conditioning system energy saving. Measurement and monitoring, on real significance to implement the intelligent of the property management. As bond credit by shenzhen factory below small make up bring you time to type central air conditioning billing thermostat function briefly. One, high temperature controller features powerful integration, organic combination of measurement and monitoring, a greater degree to meet the diverse needs of users. Easy installation cost is low, on the basis of the thermostat realize measuring function, installed in one step. Convenient operation, simple queries on the network hvac thermostat direct operation, data query in the clear. Second, the system function characteristics: by adopting the technology of wide voltage, the output is more stable, more efficient; Big blue backlit LCD LCD display, Indoor temperature setting and measurement; Manual or automatic control fan, high, medium and low three gears wind speed conversion; Refrigeration, heating, ventilation, three kinds of mode conversion; 5 + 1 + 1 week programming temperature and turn on/off time set the valve closing, fan operation mode; Intelligent energy-saving mode; Temperature compensation function; Lock screen function;

shandong Texas sinar mas group hundred million kay: central air-conditioning thermostat temperature sensor NTC thermal electricity output way, relay output the unit power consumption: & lt; 1 w power supply voltage: AC90 ~ AC260V, 50/60 hz load current: 2 a impedance load shape size: 86 mm * 86 mm * 13 mm installation: installed standard 86 boxes/plane/pitch: 60 m shell material: PC + ABS flame retardant working environment: 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃ humidity: 5% ~ 90% RH ( No condensation) Protection grade: IP30 above is shenzhen bond of small make up to introduce a simple introduction. If you want to learn more about related matters, you can call our hotline, or click on our website consultation, we also can real-time online consulting us, or focus on our official WeChat public, we have professional staff for your answer.

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