Central air conditioner thermostat operation method

by:Edison      2020-08-25

the operation of central air conditioner thermostat mainly has four steps, switch machine, the work mode setting, temperature setting and wind speed setting.

first, switch machine is very simple, want to switch ON the toggle switch to the ON position, turn OFF the switch to OFF position to turn it OFF.

second, work mode setting means cooling or heating. For cooling, the toggle switch to COOL position, for heating, and switch to HEAF location.

followed by temperature setting, mechanical hvac thermostat knob is set, what do you want to set temperature, as long as indicated on the red dot on the thermostat temperature index.

and at last the wind speed setting, there are three options, LOW wind speed and high-grade, middle-grade wind speed fan, as long as the toggle switch to LOW, WED, HIGH. Can respectively control low, medium, high-grade wind speed.

the central air-conditioning hvac thermostat note

1. Must be in accordance with the correct wiring diagram wiring operation, do not let water, mud, dust etc in the magazine with the hvac thermostat, otherwise will damage the parts.

2。 installed place around it is better for the free flow of air and temperature stability.

3。 Avoid install the thermostat in direct sunlight.

4。 When indoor when decorate, it is best not to install the thermostat first.

central air conditioner thermostat now is widely used in various commercial, industrial and civil buildings, temperature at the control sites and it had to be reckoned with effect!

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