Central air conditioner thermostat same space method to control the multiple fan coil

by:Edison      2020-09-25

in shopping malls, hotels, office buildings and large public indoor places, central air conditioner thermostat inertia configuration is a hvac thermostat corresponds to a fan coil, if in the same space according to this configuration has several disadvantages: 1, multi-purpose thermostat; 2, for the thermostat and fan coil configuration control line increase; 3, staff is extremely inconvenient operation; More than 4, the thermostat controls the temperature same space not harmonious; 4, installation and maintenance costs increased. Aimed at these problems put forward in the same space more than central air-conditioning fan coil units available a thermostat control method and control method.

in the configuration of central air-conditioning in the same space according to the requirements of air control thermostat location, in order to achieve a thermostat control multiple air conditioning fan coil units, need to configure a control box, control box can be placed near the thermostat condole top, in order to convenient maintenance can be placed in the position of the control box set access port, principle of control box shown in figure ( Only said one 5 air conditioning fan coil thermostat control, control air conditioning fan coil number according to the site need to be configured) 。 By increasing the control of the relay switch to control multiple fan coil motor electromagnetic valve and pipeline, the thermostat starts the low fan coil and the electromagnetic valve control box R H and R V conversion run at the same time, the same is true of mid-range and high-grade, so achieve a thermostat control multiple fan coil units, in order to get accurate sensing of temperature in the space center the original temperature in the room, return air mouths by cable to the thermostat, the controller of relay within current value according to the power setting control fan coil number.

In the past few decades, ac compressor control valve production has increased because of the use of heat pump thermostat.
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