Central air conditioner thermostat technology parameters

by:Edison      2020-08-21

central air conditioner thermostat controlled by large screen digital display technology ( Blue backlight) , through the central air conditioner hvac thermostat within the indoor temperature NTC temperature sensor detection, and compared with the users to set the temperature in real time. Automatically adjust the fan and the valve switch, finally achieve the purpose of keep indoor temperature.

second, the technical parameters of

power: AC220v, 50/60 hz timing error: load current 1% valve: 3 a

: precision temperature setting range: 1 C + 5 C - 35 C power: 1 w

fan output control: 0 ~ 10 VDC output temperature sensor: NTC

3, usage,

open and close, work mode, press mode key, refrigeration, heating, manual ( Ventilation) Model transformation.

three, temperature setting:

according to switch to adjust the temperature; Temperature can be set to 5 - 35 degrees Celsius.

4, wind speed Settings:

1. Press set key to choose wind fan 1 ( Ultra-low) , 2 (fan, Low) , fan 3 ( C) , fan (4 High) , fan 5 ( Ultra high) , fan 6 ( Automatic) 。

2。 The automatic operation of the wind speed model, if 'room temperature' and 'set temperature is greater than the difference between the 4 c, the fan will run at high speed; 'If' room temperature 'and' set temperature for 3 ~ 4 c, the difference between the central air conditioner hvac thermostat will choose fan runs at high wind speed; If the difference between 2 ~ 3 degrees Celsius, the fan will run with the wind speed; If a difference of 1 ~ 2 degrees Celsius, the fan will run at low wind speed; If the difference between 0 ~ 1 degrees Celsius, the fan will run at low wind speed.

3。 When the room temperature and set temperature phase at the same time, the valve closed, fan closed ( The fan is controlled is optional) 。

5, menu mode:

1. Press mode key open four seconds, a hvac thermostat into the menu to select mode. Continuous press mode key, realize '1, 2, 3' at the bottom of the screen between the conversion.

2。 - the value '1' Temperature calibration interface, press the switch to adjust temperature correction, the default value is 0.

3。 Numerical '2' - Fan fan, controllable and uncontrollable interface c0 said controllable, c1 said fan is not controlled. By pressing the switch, can be realized the switch between CO and C1; The default value is C0.

4。 The number '3' - Choose unit type and static pressure, first by increasing or decreasing the key selection unit types, and then by setting the key selector static pressure.

5。 Note: after waiting for 5 seconds automatically return to the main Settings interface.

6, installation note

1. To find a stable temperature in the room, not near the door or air conditioning.

2。 Before installation, must check the system circuit diagram, and according to the circuit connection circuit.

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