Central air conditioner thermostat, three-speed switch directions for use

by:Edison      2020-08-23

; '> central air conditioner thermostat designed for control fan coil development, widely used in heating, cooling, ventilation and other hvac controls. The speed of the fan can be recuperated after wind speed button manual control or automatic control, in order to reach the purpose of control room temperature. Let's take a look at the central air conditioner thermostat instructions and its operation method.

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; '> central air conditioner thermostat divided into electronic and machine type two kinds, according to different divided into liquid crystal display and control type. Central air conditioner thermostat is through the sequence editor, in order to control and should be returned to the actuator signals, so as to reach the control air conditioning fan coil units and electric two-way valve.

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; '> machine coil hvac thermostat used in commercial, industrial and civil construction. For heating, air conditioning of central air-conditioning fan coil units at the end, water stop valve control. The alleged workplace environment for constant temperature setting temperature range. Temperature setting plate pull pointer position should be set to the required constant temperature. Switch function to distinguish: pull the power switch ( Open ON - Shut OFF) ; Running form switch ( Heating HEAT - The air-conditioner COOL) , FAN speed switch ( Low-speed L - Medium speed M - High-speed H) 。 Can control equipment: three fan coil wind speed, three line electric valve, the second line of electric valve, also can connect the wind valve solenoid valve, switch mode or three linear air valve. Installation dimensions.

; '> operation way

; '> 1, switch machine: strike the toggle switch to the ON position, the thermostat start; Switch toggle to the OFF position, the thermostat to turn it OFF.

; '> 2, working form setting: the toggle switch toggle to the COOL place, set the thermostat as refrigeration form; The toggle switch toggle to HEAF status, set the thermostat as heating form.

; '> 3, temperature setting: machine type thermostat, adopt the knob set temperature, the red dot on the panel to indicate the temperature of the data.

; '> 4, wind speed setting: switch toggle to LOW status; Set the thermostat as high wind speed; Switch toggle to WED status, set the thermostat as intermediate wind speed; Switch toggle to the High position, set the thermostat as High wind speed.

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