Central air conditioner thermostat under what circumstances need to change?

by:Edison      2020-09-26

and that is why we developed a central air conditioner thermostat control product at the end, it can be set according to the needs of people of period of time switch machine or room temperature, the maximum range of energy saving effect. Unlike traditional remote control thermostat, central air-conditioning thermostat mainly divided into two kinds of electronic and mechanical. Central air conditioner thermostat directly involved in the indoor temperature control, is closely related to the human body comfort; From the point of the current market situation, the central air conditioning LCD thermostat due to the characteristics of intelligent control, installation and beautiful more popular with consumers. Central air conditioner hvac thermostat common fault is contact as flint adhesion, contact does not automatically jump, compressor non-stop. Can put temperature sensor in the water, when check table was used to measure temperature controller two terminal is disconnected or conduction, can determine whether the damage. Also can use the hot towel to heat pipe heating, and dispatch knob to the minimum temperature, the thermostat switch is connected is measured with a multimeter. If switch, then indicates that thermal agent has leak, should be replaced to the new thermostat at this time.

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