Central air conditioner thermostat wiring answer common points

by:Edison      2020-09-22

central air conditioner thermostat wiring answer common points:

1, the wiring must be in accordance with the appropriate wiring method actual operation, don't let the infiltration of water, mud, dust and other thermostat, otherwise will ruin the parts.

2, thermostat output control output power associated with the application of safety, steady, if choose bad will cause serious harm. goods are marked with voltage and current output control work, the product of voltage and current output control work, can get the output control output power. Manipulation of machinery and equipment operation output power must be less than the output control output power of the hvac thermostat. Or you will destroy the thermostat, serious can cause fire accident!

3, the thermostat installation place around to have free gas and the temperature of the liquid to smooth. Also want to prevent install the thermostat in the region of the sun, when inner room interior decoration, try not to install the thermostat first.

4, some famous brand of thermostat for more working voltage type central air conditioner thermostat, make sure you type in working voltage and allow type working voltage to ensure consistent. Also one thing is clear, that is to say some thermostat is not compatible with alternating current (ac) conduction, or conduction of ac voltage, the smaller the thermostat at that time to your shop the choose and buy endowment ask clear, in case of causing unnecessary inconvenience.

central air conditioner thermostat problem ask and answer:

1, the light is not bright?

this is the first to examine central heating switch switch cover, second check the power switch of the thermostat is open, if the switch on the switch cover and when the thermostat switch power indicator light is not bright, thermostat common failures or loose.

2, indicator but normal heating light hasn't been on?

it can set the thermostat knobs for maximum temperature first, waiting for 40 seconds look up and down the thermostat display lamp is white, if show no significant thermal and thermostat surrounding light hasn't been on the original, indicates the thermostat common failure or other reason.

3, heating display all normal light has been on?

this sort of thing can be adjust a thermostat temperature control knobs for little, waiting for 40 seconds look up and down heating indicator light is white, if has been bright and near the thermostat temperature significantly higher than the set temperature, thermostat common failures or other reason.

4, how to recognize the thermostat is accurate?

can accurate measuring near the thermostat temperature with a thermometer, and then the temperature control knobs to slightly higher than the temperature, the heating indicator light should be white, slightly less than the temperature, the heating indicator light should be off. To show that the thermostat control of general situation often have certain error, but if the error does not exceed 1 ℃ is not easy to damage the application of all normal.

5, heating display lights turned white after a while, a moment off again, such things all normal?

if the system software operation under such a thing, all show that heating system normal operation.

choose is very key to select the central air-conditioning thermostat don't blindly follow suit, see if import commodities should be paid great attention to more selection, design and motor available doesn't fit, should pay attention to applicability, is advantageous to the actual operation, not effect to complete more and more good.

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