Central air conditioning LCD thermostat switch surface structure characteristics and advantages

by:Edison      2020-08-25

central air conditioner thermostat switch surface structure characteristics and advantages. Can use a thermometer to measure the central air-conditioning temperature surrounding the LCD thermostat switch panel, and then set the temperature control knob to slightly higher than the temperature, the heating indicator light should be brighter, slightly lower than the temperature, heating lamp shall be put out. To control LCD hvac thermostat switch panel of central air conditioning generally has certain deviation, if not more than 1 ℃ but deviation will not affect the normal use.

the central air conditioning is assigned a liquid crystal display LCD hvac thermostat switch panel of central air conditioning LCD hvac thermostat switch panel, main characteristic is to be able to display set temperature and room temperature information, such as easy operation, etc. The central air conditioning LCD thermostat switch panel control methods generally fall into two;

a is controlled by the temperature change of the object being cooled for, more than the steam pressure type temperature controller,

another by control to the change of temperature of the cooling object, use the electronic temperature controller.

central air conditioning LCD thermostat structure

the central air conditioning by MCU LCD thermostat switch panel on the comparison to its measuring temperature and set temperature, control the end of the central air-conditioning fan coil, electric valve, electric valve, electric outlet wind, make the environment as the set temperature, constant temperature controlled by in order to achieve the purpose of improving environmental comfort.

central air conditioning

LCD liquid crystal display LCD thermostat product advantage, ultra thin type design, home electrochemical interface

box installation standard 86 mm, thickness is only 13 mm

the central air conditioning LCD thermostat switch panel

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