Central air conditioning LCD thermostat using method

by:Edison      2020-08-27

the central air conditioning LCD hvac thermostat method of use: central air conditioning of the subject, in the central air conditioning switch industry belongs to the topic of hot debate, we did some research in view of the central air conditioning of this topic, here are some of our research results, the hope can help you.

refrigeration system for air conditioning system provide the required cold quantity, used to offset the indoor environment of the cooling load; Heating system for air conditioning system provides to offset the indoor environment of heat load of heat.

the refrigeration system is the essential part of the central air conditioning system, which USES type, operation mode, structure form and so on directly affect the central air conditioning system in the running of the economy, efficiency and rationality.

the central air conditioning system consists of cold and heat source system and air conditioning system. Is composed of a host through a duct wind or the end of the cold and hot water pipe connect more than one way to control a different room in order to achieve the purpose of indoor air conditioning air conditioning.

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