Central air conditioning three-speed switch controller is how to change with temperature controller

by:Edison      2020-08-30

how central air-conditioning three-speed switch controller change with temperature controller

my family is installed by developers, central air conditioning controller is simply provide the wind to carry a small screen, no temperature control, as shown in figure

now can I change a with a temperature control system, can set temperature, room temperature reach the set value automatically stop after that?

satisfied with the answer

install replacement methods:

1, the hvac thermostat (s) with a small screwdriver with the screws loosen, take the following shell.

2, connected the power cord, according to the wiring diagram must be correct connection.

3, with equipped with screw hvac thermostat plate fixed on the wall, and then the surface shell buckle on negatives.

central air conditioner thermostat is divided into two kinds of electronic and mechanical, according to different divided into liquid crystal display and adjustable.

central air conditioner hvac thermostat is through the program editor, use program to control a variety of signals, and to the actuators to control air conditioning fan coil units and electric two-way valve.

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