Characteristics of constant temperature water heater is introduced

by:Edison      2020-09-07

thermostatic water heater features introduced thermostatic valve manufacturer to prompt strong platoon type water heater burning gas, increase the strong exhaust fan in the bottom, this can let the burning need air, and combustion emissions out, can under the about function of motor, to control the operation, to avoid a/f or inadequate burning, can have the effect of saving electricity, also can avoid the phenomenon such as wind flow backward, to a great extent, improve the performance.

thermostatic type gas water heater, is on the basis of strong platoon type increased by two major parts, namely the microcomputer display controller and gas proportional valve. Digital display screen above you can see the outside of the gas pressure, water pressure, water temperature or water yield, these information, if these data changes, the microcomputer display controller and gas proportional valve size will be adjusted according to the changes and the gas at constant water temperature. The user can be adjusted according to their own habits. Under the small quantity, but also can make the water temperature constant, this is the advantage of constant greenhouse gas water heater, and the energy consumption to save more than strong platoon type. Thermostatic valve manufacturer to prompt condensing gas water heater is increased on the basis of constant temperature type gas water heater condensing heat exchanger, which can be used in the high temperature of exhaust fumes with cold water to cool to absorb heat energy into the warm water into the copper radiator heating, at the same time will waste gas discharge water heater in the water vapor condenses into water droplets, prolong the service life of the water heater. This type of gas water heater power saving effect is more ideal, but the price is more expensive.

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