China's industry of floor heating is ten big problem who to answer?

by:Edison      2020-09-28

edit: at present, came to a need to floor heating floor heating industry colleagues carefully together, can reflect on the stage. Mr Floor heating committee expert group expert - China said in his blog. As a loving, committed to the cause of floor heating floor heating industry professionals, who - Mr Thinking for a long time, summed up the following floor heating industry in China are faced with the problem. Need warm colleague together to solve these problems. As a result, Mr - and editor urge you to speak freely, talk about the answer in your own mind and thoughts. 1, urbanization makes the domestic many cities became a big site, forest of tower crane and ground buildings, give us the industry of floor heating is more development space, makes the rapid growth of market capacity of floor heating. Whether we are ready, design, construction, material selection, commissioning, after-sales service, to ensure the realization of the design temperature and the safe operation of the system? More and more practitioners, serious and responsible work can be right? Floor heating project total package units to offer of floor heating construction units, able to meet the needs of engineering quality? 2, simple floor heating system integration under the background of price war is more and more technical content is low, we ready for the industry to upgrade? We are ready to face the severe price war? 3, a large number of engineering in the construction, a lot of practitioners of floor heating is on the rise, this needs us to be more careful, otherwise, industry development too fast, the problem more, hidden trouble. We have reason to believe that, if excessive considering price, to improve the quality of extrusion behavior of price or may produce some conflict with your cost. Hidden dangers it may break out in time for the whole industry impact! 4, individual household based measuring and controlling these two nouns, believe that floor heating is not all strange people. Household control system design and equipment, strictly speaking, now is a simple and extensive. What is control? At present, the control also only stay on the shutoff, control equipment is not mentioned on the budget and schedule. Household metering in doing so, how many harvest? The current climate of energy conservation and emissions reduction and low carbon, once again, the household metering, there has been a high status, national and the government began to provide policy and financial support. So, are we ready? Simple heat metering can real-time, accurate? Heat and electricity, water control, measure the same? 5, in the face of more and more to domestic construction projects, we are able to achieve the application of floor heating and household control and household metering technology, product docking? Understand less technology, management, engineering problem, we must step up should do that? 6, China is so big, so many practitioners, have a professional training organization and human resources? Enterprise development, industry development, the experience and training alone, many problems can be solved? Why hvac graduates don't know the floor heating? Floor heating experts and professionals need on-the-job long it will take to work? Ask, they can come to war, fight to win? 7, different heat source conditions require different solutions, system integration is not only the responsibility of the manufacturer, the responsibility of the staff is all our industry. We are a community of interests, so, how we can as a whole, act as a whole? As the workers of the regional market, we need to what kind of technical support? What kind of problems need to solve? 8, foreign house is good, in what place? What is the trend of the future? These we can do it? We can think of, see of is what? What we need to improve, strengthen? Going and looking around alone, no friends, we need to domestic floor heating technology in line with international standards, domestic products are in line with international standards, and promote the development of the industry. For these, we are all ready? 9, domestic, and many people don't know floor heating? I don't know floor heating can bring warm and comfortable? Don't know in addition to being able to bring warmth and comfort of floor heating, can also energy saving, cost saving? In addition, in view of the different levels of family, we can achieve much comfort systems solution? 10, floor heating industry development up to now, also need to what industry standards and national standards? Industry management discipline everyone know? Industry standard is scientific, normative and practical to bring industry? Use for many years, the radiant floor heating technology regulations indeed brought the development of the industry, but it needs to be updated, the updated what are the regulations? The national standard is to stand at a higher level development of supervision industry? When a national standard will be released? Fighting in the production of the first line of floor heating people have a say? Industry can really love, dedicated to promoting of floor heating floor heating people provide an opinion platform?

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