Choose the electric heating thermostat should pay attention to key points

by:Edison      2020-09-22

electric heating thermostat is one of the important equipment operating heating temperature, but very little people understand it, and it can be properly applied. So after installation of household central air conditioning, to carefully understand the installation personnel appropriate application procedures, and read about the thermostat instruction for use, it will have certain help to you.

when choosing electric heating hvac thermostat to pay more attention to the electric heater and thermostat bearing large power output options, especially in the should pay attention to the following key points:

1, because successive joint heating cable has cold hotline, whether welding welding type or type pressure connection, have to ensure that under high temperature, such as air oxidation and etching standard long-term. Power ( Too much electricity flow) The cold hot line outlet will would lead to over current risk.

2, because 220 v alternating current allowable fluctuation value 10% %, the other for embrittlement and electrical equipment, electrical equipment cable heater power output, the hvac thermostat electric flow elements such as technical error, so the electric heating thermostat bearing large output power shall be 20% above the heater power output.

the following 3, electric heater, the output power of 2816 w, can choose bearing electrical flow of 16 a thermostat. Electric heater, the output power in the middle of the 2816 w to 3520 w, should be taken to bearing current 20 a thermostat. Such as: electrical flow of 16 a thermostat: rated current is 220 v, embedded 20% safety performance, basic theory is quite large bearing output power is 2816 w; 20 a current thermostat: rated current is 220 v, embedded 20% % safety performance, basic theory is quite large bearing output power is 3520 w.

electric heating thermostat setting the higher the temperature, bring temperature faster and faster.

some customers think the room temperature is low, must quickly make the temperature of the hvac thermostat is set to high temperature, this approach is not correct.

the room temperature of warm time lies in the outdoor temperature difference, the enterprise total installed power output of the room. In the installation of power output and outdoor temperature difference under certain conditions, regardless of the setting to several degrees, the house rose to you must be the same temperature time.

if the house is now 16 degrees, want to let the house to ask wen to 18 degrees, under such a thing, set indoor temperature 18 or 20 degrees, 25 degrees and temperature to 18 degrees are all the same.

appropriate instructions:

must be set a few degrees, a few degrees or choice of intelligent temperature controller, temperature controller can automatic measure the thermostat open early time.

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