Common problem of floor heating system

by:Edison      2020-09-05
A, what are the composition of 1 of floor heating. The heat source equipment: central heating, wall hanging furnace, heat pump, air pump, heating cable, solar, etc. 2. Control equipment: diversity, temperature control panel, actuators. 3. Floor heating pipeline and structural layer in order: spread on the floor with a thermal barrier, reflector, fixed layer, ground coil, filling layer, leveling layer and decorative layer. Thermal barrier is to point to in order to prevent heat loss, and laid the general material is plastic board is usually says insulation board. Reflector is to point to in order to prevent loss of heat down, using aluminum pot reflecting film laying a protective layer. The ground coil is refers to the coil heating floor heating circulation pipes. There are four kinds of water heating coil in the market, is the PB pipe, PE - X-ray tube, PERT pipe and aluminous model conforms to the pipe. Which is commonly used as PERT special floor heating pipe. Regulations of the state, the service life of the coil is 50 years. Packed bed with pisolite concrete type, ceramsite type, etc. Fixed layer is made up of steel wire rack, fixed tube card or card buckle tie, is for the better filling layer fixed heating tube and protection, increases the life span of its effect. Leveling layer is when laying architectural surface to make it laid a more smooth process. Architectural surface is what we usually call some of the floor, carpet, marble, etc. , after the completion of the laid of floor heating need to crack down on acceptance of 2, electricity floor heating is a heating cable, filters, extruded plate, wire mesh, nails, tape, insulation board, hvac thermostat, bend, expansion tube ( The seam) , protect casing, valve head, aluminum pot, joint, ultra-thin ultra-thin gingle of floor heating floor heating, PB pipes, card in extruded board, need not to backfill, only 1. 3 cm, is a molding board, do not need to backfill and thermal insulation layer. Other people's house is 2. 5 ( Is the dry floor heating) , let's is four, thin floor heating and radiator difference is 1. Hot and cold water thermostatic valve small make up is introduced from heating effect is: based on the ground floor heating heating radiator, by floor radiant heat medium in the layer, uniform heating the ground, using the regenerative heat and heat radiation up laws of ground bottom-up conduction, to achieve the purpose of heating. Heating floor heating system is characterized by reasonable distribution of heat, the temperature of the room at the same level even, not easy to cause foul air convection, thermal stability is good. Chinese emphasize 'warm foot top cool' theory of preserve one's health, so 'hot from the feet,' give a person the comfortable experience of floor heating degree is high, at the same time can keep indoor clean sanitation, beneficial to human body health, improve the whole body blood circulation. Convection radiator is installed in the local area, is a way to give priority to, the hot air convection, the top so can form a temperature gradient change, the nearer the heat source temperature is higher. Because the radiator main installation in a lower position in the rooms, room temperature under the hot cold at the meeting. As the saying goes, cold, from the foot body cool head hot feet, poor relative comfort level of the floor heating radiator. 2. From occupying space for: belongs to the concealment of floor heating installation, usually installed on the floor below, does not use indoor area, no noise, won't impact to decorate a design of the building. However, floor heating will occupy a certain height, depending on the system takes about 4 ~ 8 cm of height. Radiator installation does not affect the situation of the ground is decorated in the home, also won't occupy the height, but install the radiator will use indoor usable floor area, affect your decorate a design. 3. From energy consumption amount for: floor heating is low temperature radiation heat, the temperature is low, and floor heating temperature control, temperature control function, and may not be advantage for central heating, but for the independent heating system or household metering heating systems, the energy saving effect is obvious.

belongs to air convection radiator, the water temperature is higher, and most of the heat is not add temperature control device, even if its temperature control system, the energy saving effect is not obvious, and floor heating heating energy saving 30%.

4。 From life: the life of floor heating is mainly depends on the floor heating pipe, and now the life of floor heating pipes are in more than 50 years, if in the case of no man-made destruction, the life of floor heating to over 50 years. So it is a one-time investment for life of floor heating products. Five, how long does it take to laying electricity floor heating and water heating floor, 100 square meters, two workers, need 1 day time, 300 - Need 2-400 For three days. Some users do head first, after do shop, supervisor need 1 - 2 day, the shop need 1 - 2 day six, electricity floor heating, water heating floor, ultra-thin laid the overall thickness of floor heating floor heating is 7 - how much is the electricity 8 cm; Water floor heating is 7 10 cm; Thin floor heating is 1. 3 cm. Seven, the diversity of floor heating is the applicable area of 15 - all the way Eight, if one bedroom 20 square metre is 25 square meters, is the diversity of water all the way or two way diversity is mainly the layout, with 100 square meters, for example, 100/20 = 5, so the use of 5 - general No. 6 diversity is nine, emissions of the floor heating pipe is what kind of floor heating pipe emissions have S type, type, double S type, U type; The water floor heating is usually back word, electric floor heating is usually the U type, but is not fixed, according to the actual situation of the owners home decorate the pipe. Ten, how much is the floor heating pipe diameter 16 ㎜, 18 ㎜, ㎜ 20, 25 ㎜; Common is 16 ㎜, 20 ㎜. 11, 100 - square - meter house, floor heating installation, need more long pipe 500 m, are generally of the specifications of the 5 m / ㎡. Twelve floor heating, water supply temperature, why don't more than 60 ℃ overheating will affect the service life of water floor heating and floor is likely to be out of shape. 13, the layout of water floor heating pipe form what are back word, S type, U type, etc. , but the spacing is 150/200/250 ㎜.
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