Common type of thermostatic valve on the market

by:Edison      2020-09-05

thermostatic valve manufacturer to introduce general thermostatic valve body: general thermostatic valve body temperature using a simple package The valve core structure. Bags medium expansion at high temperature temperature, and push the valve closed. General thermostatic valve advantage is relative to the case of manual valve, compared with the manual valve 'laissez faire', generally the thermostatic valve can be relatively intelligent control. It is important to note, however, the general temperature control valve is unable to solve the problem of hydraulic imbalance. Concrete will produce problems, in the heat source heating under the condition of invariable total flow, which is farther from the heat source place, because the place is in the pipeline resistance, obtained the flow of small, will find that may even when the thermostatic valve to open is very big, still can't reach the ideal temperature, and wasted a lot of energy.

resistance adjustable thermostatic valve body: also known as 'can be stepless presetting thermostatic valve body'. In order to solve the general thermostatic valve can't solve the problem of the hydraulic imbalance, the thermostatic valve body of adjustable resistance should be born. Through the pipeline resistance lower branch by high resistance, can put the heating of water 'squeeze' to other line, solve the problem of inadequate distal flow. However, this powerful tool is not simple to use. Each installation of the thermostatic valve needs to do a pre-set pipeline resistance according to the system, which involves the complex pipeline calculation needs to be done. For general commercial, public buildings, the need by the design institute of the designer to complete the work, even for professionals, piping calculation is not a simple thing, is for the heating, is harder to achieve, so at home, most of the radiator installation company actually cannot achieve accurate hydraulic balance for the user, high energy consumption, uncomfortable issues that there are more or less. Even if is to do the hydraulic balance calculation is very good, but still can't solve the problem of interference between the loop. Concrete lies in the system if there is a user closes the thermostatic valve, the excess flow will be inevitable 'squeeze' to other lines, which leads to the temperature of the other users in the case of without adjusting the thermostatic valve, their higher and uncomfortable feeling. Automatic flow control thermostatic valve body: it is because of the thermostatic valve products on the market existing shortcomings more or less, with an AFC automatic flow control technology of the thermostatic valve is especially meaningful, to say such a product, for the pipeline calculation difficulty has been difficult to achieve hydraulic balance of southern heating household market has brought a revolutionary impact. This type of thermostatic valve body can not make any line calculation, installed directly. As long as according to the required flow rate directly on a valve set to 10 seconds to complete set. Once the required flow rate is set, can make sure that there is no flow, also can avoid the general resistance adjustable thermostatic valve problems cannot be solved by the loop interference. When each cooling fin is in need of work flow, system will automatically to achieve the hydraulic balance. So that we can solve the internal system of heat users, parts of the user is not hot, the problem of low or high temperature suddenly suddenly, in the south of the heating market, solve the two problems for the comfort and energy saving needs of customers has great significance. In addition, this product also provided convenience for the renovation project, when the renovation project when facing complex and unknown pipe laying, want to use the thermostatic valve to realize the hydraulic balance of adjustable resistance is almost impossible, and automatic flow control technique of constant temperature body rather than by flow resistance to set, so you can install and use directly. Thus, while in the unit price of your products with new technology will be slightly higher than the same quality products without the technology, but due to its long-term use of energy saving and comfortable sex, it is bound to become the mainstream of future south decoration market choice.
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