Constant mix water valve installation and use

by:Edison      2020-09-10

installation and matters needing attention

1, when installation should first clear the hot and cold water inlet pipe, prevent impurities from entering the card plug valves, affect the normal use, it is best to filter water pipeline installation.

2, import of red is hot water. The blue tag is the cold water inlet.

3, after the set temperature, if the water temperature or pressure, water temperature value in the plus or minus 2.

4, hot and cold water pressure equal to the best, if the hot and cold water pressure is inconsistent, should be in the water inlet equipped with one-way check valve to prevent cold and hot water mix.

5, if the huge difference between cold and hot water pressure, water temperature fluctuations caused by out of operating temperature, shall be installed on the inlet side of the pressure relief

& have spent       Valve.

6, when installation should pay attention to the water static pressure should not be more than 0. 5 mpa, work flow should not be more than 2 times of the rated flow ( 0. 1Mpa

        When the rated flow) 。

use and debugging matters needing attention

1, debugging at maximum temperature should be put out of the water flow.

2, regulating NiuZheng spin direction is cool and inverse rotation direction is heating up, the first adjustment notice from low temperature to high temperature direction adjustment, to prevent burns.

3, adjusting knob is off the hot water at the end of the low temperature direction to high temperature direction is closed at the end of the cold water, hot water if the temperature is not high, you can turn off the cold water with hot water bath, but after using the high low temperature area, must be attention to avoid the next occur when using burns.

4, if cold, hot water feed water pressure is inconsistent, and there is no one-way check valve installation, please note that after each use, dispatch temperature adjustment knob to low temperature direction at the end of the closed state of hot water, mix to the greatest extent to prevent cold and hot bath water.

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