Constant mix water valve installation should pay attention to when using?

by:Edison      2020-09-10

constant mix water valve installation should pay attention to when using? Constant mix water valve tip is to mix water with a dedicated support valve is fixed on the wall, vertical wants firm, 1 inch ball valve valve upstream, 80 mesh filter two each. Before installing the upstream piping must be rinsed clean, four union and mix water valve connection to relaxed, comfortable, don't don't. When the bathroom scale is bigger, need multiple mix water valve association, when using the mix water valve to the system ( Each joint nozzle) , don't mix on the output pipe. Hot and cold water input port may not pick up. Fixed, constant mix water valve tip mix water valve is installed, the installation disc before test water thermometer, thermometers to plug is fixed. Set the water temperature, should see to it that the mix water valve in the flow state ( Open the hot and cold water valve in front of and behind the nozzle) 。 Debugging and use hot and cold water to enter at the same time, the only input all the way there is no output, or only a few output. Because of the insufficient water pressure ( All the way or 2) Caused by water yield less, can through pressure measures ( Pressurized water pump installation, high water tank, etc. ) To solve. Use after a period of time, such as the phenomenon of water cut, should open the filter checks to clear.

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