Constant mix water valve is changing the traditional hot and cold water supply

by:Edison      2020-09-05
The risk of hot water every year, tens of thousands of people in the bathtub, sink and shower suffers severe heat shock or burns. Due to waterborne bacteria such as legionella, more numerous people fell ill. Problem: thermal shock often take a shower, when damage is caused by temperature sudden rise or fall of slip and fall. Ideally, if lost cold water or hot water supply, water should be shut down immediately. Termination of water flow to remove the danger of instinct reaction, quickly leave water is too hot or too cold. The presence of the constant mix water valve will solve this problem. Solution: constant mix water valve to maintain and limit mixing hot water reach the required optional temperature, helps to reduce the thermal shock. Problem: scald

in the home of more than 90% of scald event. Baby tender skin, the elderly and disabled response time is slow, susceptible to serious hot water scald, burn very painful, for years. Scald the occurrence of a variety of reasons. In some cases, the water heater hvac thermostat has a fault, or set too high. In other cases, the domestic hot water temperature control valve failure or completely missing. Water heaters are usually set in more than 131 degrees f ( 55 degrees Celsius) Temperature, in order to prevent the harmful bacteria in the water supply ( Such as legionella) Production. Temperature above 106 degrees Fahrenheit ( 41 degrees Celsius) The water is painful. In 131 degrees Fahrenheit ( 55 degrees Celsius) Temperatures, children can be scalded in less than 4 seconds.

solution: constant mix water valve to maintain and restrict mixed hot water to the ideal alternative temperature, helps to prevent burns. Problem: the legionella bacteria legionella is in charge of legionnaires' disease bacteria, on acute bacterial lower respiratory tract infections. Is the influenza-like illness, not pneumonia, and may be caused by the legionella bacteria. Legionella is a fairly common bacteria, water has been widely exists in many of the earth's surface water sources, such as lakes, rivers, streams and ponds. Can also be found in the groundwater and some soil. In these natural resources found in the level of the usually do not pose a threat to public health. When bacteria enter the domestic water system can find an ideal hot water temperature of the host environment ( TTR105 - 115°F) Dead zones ( Tank and terminal tube legs) And plenty of food sources, Sediment, size, sediment and biological membrane) 。 These conditions can be rapidly under the colonial army, forming high concentrations can cause legionnaires' disease of public health threat. There are many kinds of method to control the legionella engraftment. However, a widely accepted and choice of method is to keep the hot water system of storage temperature above 140 degrees. Unfortunately, in order to reduce the growth of legionella bacteria and have to rise in temperature may cause severe thermal shock, and burns. Solution: constant mix water valve to keep and limit temperature, hot water to the ideal alternative to store domestic hot water at higher temperatures, in order to reduce the risk of legionella bacteria to grow in the system. The limitation of the pressure balance valve many shower and bath/shower combination mixing valve in today's family to use pressure balance design. Unfortunately, the outlet temperature of the pressure balance valve will not automatically control, will not limit exports temperature automatically, if supply temperature rise or fall sharply. This limitation is potentially dangerous. In addition, in order to prevent users from beyond the safe working temperature adjustment valve, pressure balance valve need to install the limiter. In addition, in order to adapt to changes in the future in hot or cold water temperature, limit parking will need to reset. In contrast, the constant mix water valve constant mix water valve outlet temperature control, no matter how supply temperature or pressure, changes over time.
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