Constant mix water valve of the heating system is introduced

by:Edison      2020-09-06

today, thermostatic valve factory small make up to you on constant mix water valve of heating system content is as follows:

constant mix water valve is heat warming system supporting products, widely used in electric water heater, solar water heaters and central heating water system. And can form a complete set of application in the electric water heater and solar water heater, the user can according to the need to regulate the water temperature of hot and cold water to mix, the required temperature can be achieved quickly and stable, ensure that the water temperature is constant, and is not affected by water temperature, flow rate and pressure change, solve the problems of the bath center blows hot and cold water temperature, when cold water interruption, mix water valve can be in a few seconds automatically shut off the hot water, security.


in the mixture of constant mix water valve outlet, and is equipped with a temperature sensor, using thermal characteristics of the original promote body valve core is moving, seal or open cold, hot water inlet. In blocking the cold water and hot water, after the temperature control knob set a certain temperature, no matter how cold and hot water inlet temperature, pressure changes, the proportion of cold and hot water into the outlet change, keeping water temperature is constant, the temperature control knob can be set by the product temperature range set arbitrary, constant mix water valve will maintain the water temperature automatically.

installation and matters needing attention

1, the import of red is hot water. The blue tag is the cold water inlet.

2, after the set temperature, such as when the water temperature or pressure change, the water temperature change values in the plus or minus 2 ℃.

3, if the hot and cold water pressure is inconsistent, should be in the water inlet equipped with one-way check valve to prevent cold and hot water mix.

4, if the cold and hot water pressure differential ratio exceed 8 should be mounted in the side of the pressure flow pressure reducing valve in order to ensure the normal regulation of the mixed water valve can.

5, when choosing and installation please pay attention to whether the nominal pressure and mix water temperature range consistent with product parameters.

use and debugging matters needing attention

1, debugging at maximum temperature should be put out of the water flow.

2, regulating NiuZheng spin direction is cool and inverse rotation direction is heating up, the first adjustment notice from low temperature to high temperature direction adjustment, to prevent burns.

3, adjusting knob is off the hot water at the end of the low temperature direction to high temperature direction is closed at the end of the cold water, hot water if the temperature is not high, you can turn off the cold water with hot water bath, but after using the high low temperature area, must be attention to avoid the next occur when using burns.

4, if cold, hot water feed water pressure is inconsistent, and there is no one-way check valve installation, please note that after each use, dispatch temperature adjustment knob to low temperature direction at the end of the closed state of hot water, the greatest degree to prevent hot and cold water mix

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