Digital thermostat play an important role in the temperature control system of electronic equipment

by:Edison      2020-09-26

digital temperature controller can accurately detect temperature, the temperature changes can be digital quantitative control. The hvac thermostat adopts thermal resistance sensor or thermocouple sensor as a general temperature detecting element. Its principle is: the thermal resistance sensors or thermocouple to the corresponding circuit design, installed in the need to control the target location, or position of the target environment monitoring, thermal resistance and thermocouple temperature sensor changes, will generate the corresponding voltage current change, micro controller to change the voltage of electric current within the device for detection and quantification, and then display, and make the corresponding control. Digital temperature controller with high precision, good sensitivity, intuitive data acquisition data, set up convenient operation, etc. Digital hvac thermostat technology mature and widely used, combined with different temperature measuring sensor, combined with simple PID setting, can reach higher precision and efficiency in terms of temperature control. Play an important role in the temperature control system of electronic equipment.

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