Don't panic! Winter air conditioning these phenomena is belong to normal!

by:Edison      2020-09-05
National temperature collapsed in the past two days, but the crisis, are air-conditioning or heating effect decline, or simply have no hot air. So, air conditioning is broken down? In fact, in many winter, air conditioning is surrounded by snow, heating, it may effect to sell at a discount greatly. At the same time, some of the apparent failure situation, it's not really air conditioning fault, thermostatic valve pipe wholesale manufacturers think that we must learn to distinguish between. 1, because of the weather continued cold and outdoor temperature is below zero, there will be a frequent frost, the general air conditioning a frost about 45 minutes, about 10 - frost time every time 15 minutes, rain and snow cream more frequently, ( Break once, then a more powerful) Belongs to the normal phenomenon. 2, when frost of thermalization, outside air conditioning machine there will be a drop of water at the bottom of the phenomenon, appear this kind of circumstance is air conditioning in the heating machine outside the pipe and condenser fin of the frost formation, air conditioning automatically defrosting reaches a certain time, frost is an opportunity to take a smoke outside is to normalize the frost ( This is not smoke cigarettes, don't have to report to the police) , please do not worry, the water leakage, frost is air conditioning, water belongs to the normal phenomenon. 3 there is no hot air, air conditioning just boot. ( Don't shout a look not out of the hot blast air conditioning is broken) This is because the increased air conditioning heating 'protection against the cold wind' function, when need to boot three minutes to eight minutes, only has heat out gradually. If a boot and there went out the wind and cold, the winter is very cold, by the cold wind blows in suddenly when the phone is switched on, it's easy to catch a cold. Within 4, winter heating mode, the air conditioning machine wind deflector shall be under the direction, let the hot air blow out down from tuyere, the heating effect of the room to the faster ( Otherwise all hot air floating in the upper house, the height less than 2 m feel) 。 5, heating mode, just as far as possible low wind speed, when the phone is switched on in an hour to open the high wind speed, using electric auxiliary heat will smell Qiao paste, please don't panic, the phenomenon is normal. ( Everyone who has just started to use will be a little taste) 。 6, cabinet air conditioning use after a period of time, a power trip home, this kind of situation: to verify the first air conditioning size to match the size of the power master switch, such as: 3 or more air conditioning horse recommend the use of more than 63 a of the air switches ( Old house, the new air conditioning, the line do not match, also is normal) 。 Used after the winter of 7, first check the remote control battery for electric, if press the key after full screen and display, remote control air conditioning can't boot, please change the battery, Lady, please pay attention to your husband, the remote have no reaction, let him look at the battery, forbid him to call customer service for excuse with this beauty chat) Air conditioning first clean screen pack, please ensure a large air volume and healthy breathing! 8, summer cooling, drainage from the air conditioning machine within a drain discharge; In winter, drainage drainage from beneath the machine outside heating mode. 9, leaf or piping with water, because the indoor humidity is big, low set temperature caused by secondary condensing, make JiSao wind piece set level, to keep the unobstructed wind indoor machine. Machine outside the bare tube, joint water dripping, also because of the water molecules in the air condensing form, is a normal phenomenon. 10, the air conditioning heating effect of the bad weather, this is a normal phenomenon. Outdoor temperature is low, air conditioning heating from the outdoor air environment difficulties to absorb heat air, cause the heating effect is relatively poor, in general air conditioning at 0 degrees to minus 5 degrees, heating effect is not good. 11, air conditioning can't restart after shutdown, to delay for a few minutes. This is because the air conditioning to work after 3 minutes after downtime, protect the timer will automatically work, lest cause air conditioning frequent start, protection of air conditioning main components from being damaged. 12, heating, did not reach the set temperature, indoor air chance to shut down for 10 minutes, indoor no wind to blow out. This is an outdoor heat exchanger on outdoor units is melting of frost, in the process of frost, to prevent indoor machine out of the cold wind blowing, indoor fan to stop running, at the same time indoor wind deflector automatic level. 13, air conditioning cream time interval is not fixed, sometimes long, sometimes short, because of the air conditioner computer chips according to the temperature on the outdoor heat exchanger, compressor cumulative operation time, the first frost time and frost interval, etc. , automatically determine whether need frost. If the outdoor environment temperature is 0, the air conditioning heating downtime for 10 minutes after 40 minutes will heat to defrost. However, when the environment temperature is less than. . . 10 degrees Celsius, perhaps every 20 minutes will stop work, and defrosting time also extended. 14 to heating, air conditioning runs, the frost, sometimes outdoor sometimes not frosted. This is related to boot time, environment temperature and humidity, this also is belong to normal phenomenon. 15, air conditioner, air heating operation is heard, is four-way valve need to work or stop in order to achieve the purpose of heating. Sometimes separate-bodied air-conditioners to frost, when the unit from the original state of indoor heating into refrigeration condition, four-way valve switch accordingly, also in the process to make the pressure balance as soon as possible, take a breath and refrigerant sound is produced by a normal phenomenon, need not worry about it.
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