DR30 series electric actuator speciality produces high-quality goods

by:Edison      2020-09-26

DR30 series electric actuator adopts French original electric paraffin propulsion components, stable performance and long service life. This electric actuators is mainly used for floor heating water segregator, central air conditioning, Water system) And small opening and closing of the valve. Electric actuator has two types: normally open and normally closed. Normally open type actuator valve will automatically shut down after the power supply; Normally closed type actuator valve will open automatically after the power supply, the user must be clear when the choose and buy of electric actuator type before you buy.

by the temperature controller, electric actuators valve actuator and valve of three parts. installed on the room interior walls, with the cable connected to the electric actuator, general use 100 cm long cable connects actuators to the selected control points ( The hvac thermostat, programmer, timer or other remote devices) 。 Electric execution for nut connected to the valve. When indoor temperature reaches the temperature of the temperature controller is set, electric actuators are thermistor begins to work, the heating thermal expansion device to close the valve, on the other hand, the indoor temperature is reduced, the hvac thermostat disconnect, actuators, expansion system contraction, open the valve.

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