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Eagle's Rebirth

Eagle's Rebirth


Eagles has long life in the world, can reach to 70 years of age.

To live that long, it must make difficult and important decisions at the age of 40, to die or to rebirth.

When an eagle reaches forty, its claws begin to age, and it cannot catch its prey effectively.

Its beak became long and curved, almost touching it's chest.

Its wings become very heavy, because at this time its feathers are long and thick, making it very difficult to fly.

It has only two choices at this point: waiting to die or going through a painful process of renewal.

150 days of long metamorphosis... First it has to fly to the top of the mountain as hard as it can.

Build a nest on a cliff, stay there, can't fly.

The Eagle first hit the rock with its beak until it completely fell off, and then quietly waited for the new beak to grow out.

It pulls out its nails one by one with its new beak.

When new nails grow out, they pull out feathers one by one. After five long months, new feathers grow out.

The Eagle began to fly again... and regained life for another 30 years.

Sometimes in our lives, we have to make difficult decisions and start a process of self-renewal.

We must abandon the old ideas and habits so that we can be reborn and take off again.

As long as we are willing to change ourself and learn new skills, we can develop our potential and create a new future.

Change is painful, but we must have courage to change ourselves and the determination to regenerate. When we are reborn through change, then we can realize new length and height of life.

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