Electric heating thermostat made by what

by:Edison      2020-09-24

electric heating hvac thermostat review indoor temperature difference and temperature difference analysis for a long time, placement control fan coil fan and electric fire water valve, can adjust the indoor temperature, happy new ideal. To adapt to the two pipe lines to/four disciplines, two/three electric three-way valve, three-speed fan coil of restraint. With RS485 interface (online road FC270C have only) To access to the building automation system operation. Widely as top stores, star hotels, clubs, airports, high-speed, venues, and residential area.

electric water heater electric heating thermostat contacts made of copper metal area, because copper is sensitive to comparison of the heat from the cold in difference in temperature e. days didn't get to, the appearance of the copper sheet metal is turning, nowadays it is closed to cut off the contact. Water when the water is heated to the specified temperature of the thermal effect leads to the copper copper above because of the electric heating thermostat heated straight will contact bounce off power into the situation. In the days of temperature drop of copper and return to the original situation to contact cut into electricity heating the situation. 。

electric heating thermostat, it is a new electric heating with the existence of the jacket bimetallic strip temperature controller. Electric heating thermostat primary purpose is for each electric heating specification hot hot spells for a long time, generally used with thermal fuse series. Electric heating hvac thermostat to master maintenance, thermal fuse used to secondary repair when electric heating thermostat failure, two effective joint development, immune to burn out made in the electric parts and so on fire.

will take the lead in the power cord, sensing lines and fire fan lines connected to the electric heating thermostat, electric inspection: if performance is basically balanced three-phase temperature difference, trouble-free alarm with overtemperature alarm lamp and trip indicator, with the hand touch panel manually or active button, indicator, if the fire fan the fire fan fluctuations should be moved by manual or active button again, fan indicator, fire fire fan should stop rolling right now, can work basically electric heating thermostat respectively.

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