Electric heating thermostat maintenance matters needing attention

by:Edison      2020-09-24

electric heating thermostat review high indoor temperature is high and the design temperature for comparison, the fan and motor control fan coil units of fire control water valve, to improve the indoor temperature is high, the happy new ideals. Best in two pipe/lines to the jurisdiction of the four, two/three pulse valve, three speed control of fan coil units. There is road on RS485 network interface ( Only FC270C exist) To access the building automation system. Widely used as top stores, star hotels, clubs, airports, high-speed, venues, and live.

electric water heater electric heating thermostat contact with copper pieces of metal to create depth, due to copper is sensitive to heat from the cold especially in high temperature not contradict the set value of the time, the copper sheet metal is the rules of the setback, nowadays it is closed on contact. When set water heated to high temperature of heat conduction to the electric heating thermostat water copper copper due to heat straight above will contact bounce off into power. In high temperature lowered copper and restoration to the original form to contact on into electricity heating form. 。

electric heating thermostat, it is the same with the existence of the jacket bimetallic strip a new electric heating thermostat packaging. Electric heating thermostat main effect is to various electric packaging too hot hot spells, general application with thermal fuse series. Electric heating hvac thermostat for first-class service, reduced thermal fuse in the electric heating thermostat when used for secondary repair, two efficient agent, immune to burn out of electric parts and thus to form a fire incident.

first of all, the power cord to the sensing line and fire fan line connected with electric heating thermostat, electric survey: if the generally high temperature performance of three-phase, have no problem alarm a overtemperature alarm lamp and trip indicator light down, use hand touch panel manually or active button, indicator, if the fire fan move now fire fan should be launched to manually or active button, indicator, fire fan now fire fan should stop work, but generally the difference between the electric heating thermostat routine operation.

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