Electric heating thermostat maintenance process

by:Edison      2020-09-24

electric heating thermostat review indoor temperature difference and temperature difference for parsing design, control of fan coil fan and electric fire water valve, improve the indoor temperature, stable dream to save energy. Best in two pipe lines to/four control and two/three pulse valve, three speed control of fan coil units. There is road on RS485 network interface ( Only FC270C exist) To access to the building automation system operation. Generally as a senior party, star-rated hotels, clubs, airports, high-speed, venues, folk houses, etc.

electric water heater electric heating hvac thermostat design degree of contact with copper pieces of metal, because copper is very sensitive to the heat from the cold days in the setting of the temperature difference will not come, copper metal is the shape of the setback, then the contact is closed connected. Water when the water is heated to set temperature difference of heat conduction to the electric heating thermostat copper in the copper being heated straight above will contact bounce off power into the situation. In the days of temperature lowering copper back to original situation make contacts connected into electric heat situation. 。

electric heating thermostat, it is a belt of external bimetallic strip of a new electric heating thermostat products. Electric heating thermostat purpose is necessary for the electric heating products implement too hot hot spells, unusual and application of thermal fuse communicate. Electric heating thermostat used to grade a maintenance, thermal fuse in the electric heating hvac thermostat damage when used for secondary and maintenance, both strong collaboration, avoid damage caused by electric equipment and therefore fire.

will start and the power cord, sensing fire line with electric heating thermostat, fan electricity inspection: if the three-phase reflect overall uniform temperature, trouble-free alarm with overtemperature alarm lamp and trip indicator respite, affects the panel manually or active button with the hand, if a fire fan indicator, fire fan should be at the moment fluctuation affects manual or active button again, the fire fan indicator respite, fire fan should stop rolling at the moment, but overall the difference between general electric heating hvac thermostat assignments.

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