Electric heating thermostat probably introduced?

by:Edison      2020-09-26

electric heating thermostat is adjusting control load ( Conductor) Current output values, to control temperature, to achieve the purpose of constant temperature, give a person with comfortable, energy-saving, environmental protection, high quality of life to enjoy.

the load current value of electric heating in general between ( 12 ~ 8个) , high ( 16 ~ 12) 。 Current electric heating thermostat is generally adopts high-power 16 a, there are 10 a. According to different load, and to set up. Heating hvac thermostat programming has three period of load value, HH ( 16 ~ 12) , H( 12 ~ 8个) , L( ≤ 8个) For customers to choose.

electric heating thermostat, homebred brand most of the power supply voltage is 220/230 v, such as siebert self-control and imported brands generally is 250 v, or wide voltage, is in commonly 190 - 100 - 250 v 240 v, etc. , can better adapt to the voltage instability, or voltage is different between different regions, guarantee its performance is more stable, more accurate, more safe.

because of considering the electric heating thermostat load is big, like siebert self-control group company designed plug-in pun break switch. Using pun break switch control the power on and off, can be completely cut off the external power supply, to effective protection of the floor, use more secure, reliable, stability is very good.

electric heating thermostat can generally be divided into: mechanical, electronic, LCD, touch screen and programmable, non programming;

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